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Bicycle/Motorcycle/Pedestrian/Boating Accidents

$3,000,000 settlement for a 25 year old male employee of a large grocery chain, who was riding his bike to work in the early morning of a fall day when he was struck by a gas tanker truck and thrown into the woods. He sustained multiple orthopedic injuries and a brain injury, all of which required him to be placed into a group home setting. He was permanently disabled and unable to work, requiring daily supervision for the rest of his life. Persistent and extensive discovery revealed that the defendant truck driver had issues with his eyes, did not properly complete his employer’s driving records, and that the truck had mechanical problems with its brakes which caused it to be red lined prior to the accident. The case settled as the result of a unique settlement conference involving panel of lawyers and a judge, shortly before it was to go to trial. The client’s medical bills and living expenses were also paid for the rest of his life in addition to the $ 3,000,000 settlement making the value of the total amount recovered for our client a multiple of the amount paid.

$2,000,000 Camden County Settlement during the 5th day of trial for a 30 year old Motor Cycle mechanic who was injured test driving a motorcycle he had just repaired, during the course of his employment. Defendants disputed liability for this intersectional red light/green light accident and claimed that our client had disregarded the red light and did not have on the proper safety clothing to minimize the risk of his injuries. Our client had injured his foot. There were no eyewitnesses. Suit was filed and the case proceeded to trial. After several days of trial testimony, the case was settled for $2,000,000 in addition to the workers compensation benefits our client received. Because this Accident happened at work, our client was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  His employer fought his Workers Compensation Case and we went to trial on that case.  The case settled after we put on our proofs and testimony at trial, and he will received lifetime medical care and permanency benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance company.

A 13 year old boy was driving his moped to school, crossing a major highway controlled by a traffic signal, when he was struck by a trash truck.  He died immediately.  There was no conscious pain and suffering.  The colors of the traffic lights were in dispute.  The trash truck driver testified he had a green light.  Extensive investigation and discovery revealed the trash truck company had intentionally disconnected the front brakes of the trash truck which contributed to the cause of the accident.  The insurance company for the trash truck argued their driver was not at fault and that the immediate death of the 13 year old boy would not result in survivorship action which required conscious pain and suffering.  They also argued the boy did not work and did not contribute pecuniary benefits to his family.  After multiple depositions, extensive discovery, and trial preparation, the case settled on the eve of trial for over $1,000,000.

A young man was helping to guide a family member who was backing a box truck to a trailer.  Tragically, the operator started to back the truck before our client signaled it was safe.  Our client was pinned between the vehicles and his legs were crushed. The first hurdle our office faced was limited medical coverage available to our client for his extensive injuries. We mobilized and met with the hospital and doctors to secure complete and uninterrupted treatment for our client even after medical coverage was exhausted. After many operations and extensive rehabilitation, our client went on to make a good recovery having regained full use and functionality of both his legs.  Despite numerous challenges from the insurance company, we were successful in securing the entire policy limit of $ 1,000,000.00.  The settlement gave our client the time and financial security he needed to help overcome this tragic event.

$1,150,000 Cape May County Settlement of a Boating Accident for our minor client and his family,  who was injured when he fell off of an inner tube while being towed by his father and was run over by another boat. He sustained lacerations to his face, shoulder, and leg which required stitching and will probably require subsequent plastic surgery when his facial features mature as a young man. The $ 1,150,000 settlement exhausted the limits of the main defendant’s insurance policy and was approved by the Cape May County Court so that our client’s injuries will be taken care of for the rest of his life, with all of the funds preserved until he needs them.

On a Sunday over the summer, our client, a boating novice, was talked into a motorboat excursion in the Atlantic Ocean.  Within minutes of entering the ocean, the captain encountered a large wave.  Our client went flying up into the air and slammed back down on her buttocks.  This caused a disc in her back to burst and compress her spinal cord. She was taken to the hospital where she underwent emergency back surgery.  Although the surgery was successful, she was left with permanent physical restrictions and disability. The captain of the motorboat vehemently denied any responsibility. He argued that the weather forecast was clear that day and that it was a rogue wave which was an act of god and beyond his control. Extensive investigation proved otherwise: 1.) weather reports confirmed a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean off Bermuda that was likely to cause swells on the east coast; 2.) the captain had only recently obtained his boating license and lacked experience; and 3.) a certified marine investigator we hired had found responsibility on the captain for failing to timely recognize the wave and for improperly traversing the wave.  This case went to a hearing where it was determined that the captain was at fault and our client was awarded the policy limit of $500,000.00

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