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Pennsauken, NJ, Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you’re searching for a Pennsauken, NJ, traumatic brain injury lawyer, call the The Law Offices Of Vincent J. Ciecka. Backed by over 215 years of combined legal experience, we help brain injury victims in and outside of court. 

We understand the emotional distress a traumatic brain injury can cause, which is why we treat your case as a priority. When a Pennsauken, NJ, traumatic brain injury lawyer from our firm is there to help, obtaining the compensation you need to pay for medical bills becomes much easier.

How Does a Brain Injury Victim Receive Compensation?

To ensure that your personal injury claim is successful, you must prove you experienced a traumatic brain injury. As a result, it is a good idea to write a daily journal documenting all your brain injury symptoms and life challenges following the accident. This journal can serve as compelling proof of your traumatic brain injury.

Additionally, a skilled traumatic brain injury attorney will gather important medical records and documents to improve your case. For example, they can obtain MRI and CT scans that clearly demonstrate your injury. Moreover, your doctor can perform medical tests that can also be used as evidence.

Furthermore, your lawyer can also speak with a medical expert who can provide evidence pertaining to memory loss and similar symptoms. These experts can also serve as witnesses in the case itself and use their specialized knowledge to help your brain injury claim. In addition, your lawyer will also need to prove that the careless actions of another person lead to your injury.

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How Do Traumatic Brain Injuries Happen?

Since violent blows to the head can cause traumatic brain injuries, there are sadly many different ways they can occur. However, knowing the causes of a traumatic brain injury is important if you wish to recover compensation for medical bills. A couple of the reasons why brain injuries happen include:

While falling on a slippery surface might seem like a common accident, it can potentially cause a traumatic brain injury. Depending on how hard your head hits the ground and the distance you fell from, a slip and fall brain injury can be very serious. Additionally, if a property owner knew about a slippery surface and failed to do anything about it, they may be held responsible in a slip and fall case.

Football, hockey, lacrosse, and other extreme contact sports can also cause brain injuries. However, whether or not you will be able to pursue a personal injury case for the damage depends on the situation. For example, if the injury was caused by a coach’s negligence, a player’s reckless actions, or even defective safety gear, then it may be possible to win compensation.

Car collisions, motorcycle crashes, and bicycle accidents are all major causes of traumatic brain injuries. The extreme force of a high-speed crash on the road can lead to serious blunt trauma, especially if a rider isn’t wearing their helmet or driver isn’t wearing their seatbelt.

When a domestic violence case involves a forceful blow to the victim’s head, a brain injury may also occur.


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