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New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A severe brain injury is a life-changing event, and navigating the complexities of the legal system to obtain compensation can be equally as frustrating as it is confusing. That’s why if you’re a traumatic brain injury victim searching for professional legal support, The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka will do everything to support you.

At the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, we have more than 215 years of combined accident investigation, claims, insurance, litigation, negotiation, trial, and settlement experience. We protect the rights of traumatic brain injured car accident victims in and outside of court. We have proudly represented more than 11,000 successful clients during the last 48 years. We know how to fight aggressively and compassionately on behalf of brain injury victims in and outside of court. Whether you have a traumatic brain injury from a car accident or workplace injury, you can have complete confidence in our experienced traumatic brain injury team.

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Types of Possible Brain Injuries

Brain injury is a broad term that encompasses a wide array of different conditions an individual may experience. At Ciecka Law, our traumatic brain injury lawyers are proficient at protecting the rights of clients who have developed and suffered from a multitude of possible injuries. Listed below are several conditions that qualify as a brain injury:

Concussions are the most common type of head injury and make up a large percentage of the brain injuries that happen every year. They occur when an individual’s head experiences a powerful force that causes the brain to knock into the skull.

Brains that become bruised after a concussion or other accident, experience a contusion. Although it can potentially heal on its own, a contusion can end up forming a hematoma — or accumulation of blood — that requires medical attention to remove.

This classification of brain injury occurs when there isn’t a break in the skull, but the brain is still damaged. They are often caused by forceful movements that make the brain shake inside the skull and encompass many different types of brain injuries.

A brain hemorrhage is a localized injury characterized by uncontrolled bleeding in either the surface or tissue of the brain. This bleeding can disrupt and impede the flow of oxygen in the brain, making it a very serious injury.


How Are Brain Injuries Proven in Court?

If you want your personal injury claim to succeed in court so that you can obtain compensation to pay medical bills and other expenses, your attorney must prove to the court that you experienced a traumatic brain injury. However, given that injuries to the brain are internal and not physically seen, this is easier said than done without the proper evidence. You and your family should immediately keep a daily diary of all complaints, symptoms, and difficulties that are observed and what you were doing when they were observed. 

A traumatic brain injury lawyer can present a variety of medical records and documents to prove that their client experienced the injury they claim. These can include MRI and CT scans and photos taken using other imaging technology that clearly display the injury. For more serious brain injuries, a doctor may perform an intracranial pressure test — which can also be utilized as evidence. In addition, for harder-to-prove symptoms such as memory loss, traumatic brain injury lawyers can present findings from a psychological analyst.


There are also several witnesses that a brain injury lawyer can call upon to support their case. A medical expert such as a neurologist may serve as an expert witness who can use their specialized knowledge of brain injuries to assist the attorney. Furthermore, much like in other personal injury cases, traumatic brain injury attorneys must also prove that the negligence of another person caused their client’s injury. This can be proven through witness testimony and similar forms of evidence. 

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It’s Important to Contact A Law Firm As Soon As Possible for a Brain Injury Claim

The sooner you are able to act and submit your traumatic brain injury claim, the sooner you will receive compensation for your medical bills. As a result, if you or a family member ever needs a New Jersey traumatic brain injury lawyer, don’t hesitate to call The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka for professional legal assistance. We are experienced in traumatic brain injury victims’ claims and have more than 215 years of combined accident investigation, claims, insurance, litigation, negotiation, trial, and settlement experience.


We have proudly represented more than 11,000 successful clients during the last 48 years. Our legal team is experienced in successfully representing and protecting the rights of traumatic brain injury victims throughout New Jersey and other parts of the country. We’ll treat your case as if it were our only concern and utilize our years of personal injury knowledge to maximize your compensation.

For additional information on how our New Jersey brain injury lawyers can assist your claim, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.