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Tracy Dimauro

Office Manager

I have experience in both 1st Party and 3rd Party Collections – Consumer and Commercial collections (Business to Business) from 10 days delinquent through collecting on a Judgment.
I have worked all aspects, billing, customer disputes, crediting accounts, applying payments, negotiating a cure for the 10 day delinquent, negotiating payment plans or settlements.

I have worked with all aspects of pre-litigation and litigation paralegal work including but not limited to, drafting and filing of all pleadings; preparation of Motions, overall handling of files, calendar matters, Interrogatories/Responsive Pleadings, working with clients to prepare for Depositions/Examinations Under Oath and all matters related to the file from inception to closing, along with trouble shooting along the way.

In addition, I have worked closely with Human Resources Department to ensure all employee write-ups, recommendations for probation or terminations are done correctly and timely.

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