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How Tire Manufacturers Will Take Advantage Of You & How We Can Help

In the early 2000s, tire tread separation caused a lot of controversy, and it still causes accidents today. As car and truck accident attorneys in NJ, we’ve represented many clients who suffered injuries because of defective or poorly maintained tires, and we want you to avoid this scenario.

Why Does Tire Tread Separate?

Tire tread separation is when the rubber separates from the steel. Sometimes the manufacturer is at fault for this occurrence, other times the vehicle owner is at fault. Vehicle owners, especially those owning large or commercial vehicles such as concrete trucks, 18-wheelers, or dump trucks, must properly maintain their tires. A system must be in place that will check air pressure and find any other defects. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure their drivers are properly checking their vehicles while also independently administering a tire maintenance program.

Many companies cut corners in their maintenance program, and that causes tires to fail, and cause injuries. Other times, it can be because of moisture, foreign objects, or incorrect curing. It can also be due to the utilization of old, dry stock, or the application of petroleum solvent.

In the past, and sometimes still, the tire companies seek to deflect the blame to the vehicle owner by claiming that tread separation occurs because of impact damage or underinflation.
Underinflation can heighten the risk of tread separation. If you get into an accident because of tread separation, don’t assume that tire manufacturers are telling you the truth.

Tread Separation Can’t Be Predicted

Tread separation doesn’t occur in tires by certain manufacturers. Any steel-belted radial tire is at risk. Adhere steel to rubber is an inherently difficult task. The chance of this separation occurring is higher during hot weather and also when the car is traveling at high speeds. This is worse when companies use retreaded tires.

When this default leads to a blowout, drivers will instinctively react by braking or overcompensating the steering wheel. Instead of correcting the vehicle, this reaction can instead cause the car to rollover. It’s also a danger to the others on the road. When driving down the highway, people aren’t expecting to encounter a tire tread on the road. They have to react suddenly and dangerously to avoid hitting it.

How Can We Help You?

Companies will quickly send their insurance team to the site, in which case evidence can start to “disappear.” Call us immediately so our team can investigate by obtaining pictures, 911 calls, witness statements, among other things. Don’t wait to hire a lawyer if you are in an accident because companies will try to deny responsibility.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you’ll want to possess the reports from the police, your doctor, and your insurance company to show your attorney. Experienced in handling with all kinds injuries due to many instances such as car accidents in Burlington County, NJ, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. are the ones you want by your side when going up against tire manufacturers. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.