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$1,600,000 Camden County settlement for a 40 year old hospital worker who slipped on a foreign substance while working injuring her knee. Our client continued working, but eventually had to stop, as her knee got worse and she required several surgeries which left her with permanent disabilities. Our firm recovered workman’s compensation benefits for her including the cost of all of her medical care and lost wages, and assured her that her future knee problems related to this accident would be taken care of. Investigation revealed that the substance was due to the negligence of an employee of a subcontractor of the hospital and the case was settled prior to trial.

Our client, a self employed painter, was hired to paint the exterior of a building that operated as a diner. On a handshake agreement, our client climbed up his 15 foot ladder to begin the work. While painting, when his left hand made contact with the diner’s sign, he was electrically shocked and thrown to the ground. As he laid flat on his back in searing pain, he would soon learn that his left shoulder suffered a comminuted head splitting humerus fracture requiring an emergency left shoulder partial replacement. The owner claimed he had no knowledge that the metal sign was electrically energized and there was nothing he could have done. Our investigation uncovered that for years the owner was aware of electrical problems throughout the building. We learned that the owner, who was legally responsible to have a permit for the sign, never bothered to get one. This callous act exposed our client to grave danger and horrific injury. The $1,505,000.00 settlement is a testament to our unyielding commitment to our clients.

A young married working mom of three toddlers drove to work at the crack of dawn on a cold winter morning to help support her family. As she exited her car and walked toward the employee entrance, she stepped on a patch of black ice she did not see and fell backward landing on her back. She was placed out of work on disability and while waiting to undergo back surgery, she was terminated by her employer. Our client’s life had turned upside down and we stood by her through this difficult time. When we sued, the owner of the building responded by saying our client had prior back problems and that there was a snow storm days before the fall and he had the area cleared of snow. Our investigation revealed there was a defective down spout that discharged melted snow water from the roof onto the walkway where it froze. We learned that the owner was aware of the defect but only bothered to fix the down spout in the front of the building and not by the employee entrance where our client slipped. We took pride in securing for our client the entire policy limit of $1,000,000.00 that helped our client and her family get back on their feet and provided a measure of financial security for them.

Burlington County slip and fall settlement for a 67 year old retired grocery store employee who had a long history of prior arm, neck, back, and closed head injuries from multiple accidents and work injuries. Several days after a major snow storm, he slipped on black ice at a condominium development where he was living. Suit was brought against the condominium development and the landscaping entity that was in charge snow removal. It had snowed several days before. Defendants denied any liability and alleged our client was the sole cause of his injuries. He required 2 shoulder surgeries. The case settled when the parties showed up for trial.

$500,000+ Middlesex County settlement for our 74 year old grandmother who tripped and fell in a restaurant fracturing her hip and injuring her shoulder. Investigation revealed that the lights and carpets masked a hump in the bathroom passageway which we alleged caused the fall. Our client underwent 2 surgeries and never regained her pre accident state of health. She had major arthritic problems in all areas before the accident and was limited in her activities. The case settled during preparations for trial for over $ 500,000.

Our client was invited to attend a backyard house party. While seated at a folding table in the backyard under a canopy, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. In that instant, a burst of wind came through and a large tree came accenting down on the canopy. The tree trunk landed on our client, pinning her underneath the tree and causing an open fracture to her foot and other injuries. The homeowner refused to take responsibility and argued that it was an act of god over which they had no control. Investigation uncovered that the tree had been visibly dying for years and even had large holes in the main trunk area. Further, we learned that the defendant had previously worked for a landscape contractor and should have known better. Because the homeowner refused to relent, we proceeded to a hearing where it was determined that the homeowner was at fault and our client was awarded the entire policy limit of $500,000.00

Our client was walking in front of a business that had not properly shoveled or salted the walkways in front of their establishment. The area became very dangerous and you could not see the ice. Our client was walking in front of this business and slipped and fell very hard on the ice. She injured her neck and back, and was ultimately diagnoses with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and had numerous injections. She did not have surgery. We were able to prove that the business owners knew about the dangerous condition but did not do anything to prevent people from being hurt. This case settled before trial for $500,000.00.

On a wet and snowy day, a grandmother’s trip to the supermarket for holiday cookie ingredients turned tragic. As our client entered the store, she slipped on water that had accumulated on the tile floor. She fell to the ground, fracturing her hip and requiring a hip replacement surgery. The supermarket turned down our client’s claim because a mat was placed at the entrance. We filed a lawsuit to uncover all the information surrounding the fall. Upon investigation, we learned that the mat had been haphazardly placed at the entrance site. Photographs and video surveillance revealed a gap between the entrance threshold and the mat. We successfully argued that the gap allowed slippage on the tile floor. We were able to secure a recovery for our client in the amount of $ 450,000.00. Our firm’s commitment to our client and refusal to take no for an answer is why this grandmother and her extended family continue to return to us for help. We take great pride in proving to each of our clients why we are voted One of the Best Law Firms in South Jersey.

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