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Our client was a passenger in a car that made a left hand turn in front of a construction truck at a dangerous intersection in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Liability was hotly contested between the parties with both drivers alleging they had the green light right away. Our client was unconscious following the accident and could not recall the occurrence. She sustained head, neck, arm and hand injuries with mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury) residuals. The case was settled on the eve of trial by the Law Firm of Vincent J. Ciecka for $1,600,000.

$1,125,000 Settlement in Philadelphia Workers Compensation automobile accident. Plaintiff retained the Law Office of Vincent J. Ciecka shortly after the accident allowing immediate investigation to tie down important liability facts. Our 40 year old married client sustained a fractured ankle with a plate and pin fixation. Her medical care was controlled by her employers Workers Compensation carrier which also obtained secretive surveillance video tapes of her recovery and activities. Intensive litigation resulted in a $ 1,125,000 settlement when a jury was being picked.

Philadelphia intersectional accident settlement for a middle aged driver in a hotly contested intersectional accident case with witnesses contradicting each other. Plaintiff sustained a herniated disc with a Lumbar Fusion and an injury to his left shoulder which required surgery. Suit was filed and litigation extensive discovery depositions of the witnesses by our firm resulted in the case being settled for $ 625,000 without trial.

We represented a middle aged female social worker who was working in Philadelphia making a delivery when she was rear ended by a hit and run car.  She suffered injuries to her neck, back and hands.  While she did not have surgery, she was not able to continue working and required other medical care.  We pursued her case against her employer’s hit and run insurance as well as the workers’ compensation insurance company.  We were able to reach a settlement after Mediation with a retired Judge.  Our client was able to take care of herself and be able to move to a better neighborhood and continue her medical care with the compensation she received for her injuries.

Settlement for a middle aged office worker who was injured when driving his car into a light controlled intersection. He was hit by a Box truck and knocked on his side, sliding for a long distance before coming to rest. He sustained disc injuries requiring extensive conservative treatment including a rhizotomy.  Both he and the defendant driver testified they had the green light but our firm’s investigation discovered a witness who lived near the scene that confirmed plaintiff’s version of the accident. Litigation was started in the Philadelphia Court system but a settlement was negotiated for more than $ 500,000 before a trial was scheduled.

Settlement in a Bucket Truck accident where our South American client was injured when he was extended in an outstretched bucket truck which struck a wire causing him to fall and be severely injured. Immediate extensive firm investigation tied down the facts concerning the accident and his employment which was disputed, with allegations that he was an independent contractor and an illegal alien.  Workman’s Compensation benefits were obtained and litigation revealed that the driver of the truck was at fault which resulted in a settlement of $ 442,000 and compromise of outstanding medical and workers compensation liens.  We also negotiated large settlement for his workers’ compensation case in Camden County, N.J.

Our client was the driver of a car in Philadelphia County, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She was rear-ended, and suffered neck injuries.  She was having a very difficult time staying at her job and working because of the pain and limitations.  We made a claim for lost wages, and pain and suffering.  We were able to prove her loss of income due to the car Accident, and reached a settlement before trial.

Early on a sunny summer morning, a 50 year old manufacturing employee was assigned to trim trees along his employer’s factory property line.  He was found dead mid-morning, beneath a tree, with burn marks into and through one of his thighs.  No one knew what happened. There were no witnesses. He was survived by his wife and two teenage daughters. After we performed immediate and thorough investigation, the accident was reconstructed and suit was brought against the utility company which had ran a very high voltage tension wire along the property line near the tree.  One of the theories was that the utility company sold a defective product that was not properly packaged which caused the electrocution. The high voltage wire was not strung taunt enough nor insulated sufficiently to prevent its electricity from arcing into the dew covered tree and through the decedent’s thigh, causing him to be thrown from the tree and electrocuted.  The case settled at the court house shortly before the commencement of trial for $900,000+.

Our client had a 10% off coupon that she was going to a grocery chain store to use to buy some needed items.  The store had problems processing the coupon and had to walk her over to the customer service desk to resolve the issue.  While she was walking over to the desk she slipped on a substance that neither she nor the store manager noticed, and fell.  She injured her ankle, which required surgery.  She also injured her back.  We were able to prove that the store should have been aware of this puddle on the floor and should have taken action to prevent the public from being injured on the dangerous condition they let sit on their floor.  This case was settled without the need for a lengthy and costly trial.

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