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Gloucester County Settlements

Tractor Trailer driver hit broad side resulting in Back and Neck Injuries

$2,700,000 Gloucester County Settlement for our injured 50 year old client who was driving his vehicle in the course of his employment, on a county road, when he was struck by a tractor trailer existing from a truck terminal. Liability was contested as was the extent of our clients multiple cervical and lumbar orthopedic herniated disc injuries for which surgeries were projected. Additionally the defense questioned the severity of our client’s mTBI (closed head injury) which caused him problems with reading, brightness, and thinking. Depositions of the defendant driver and his company representatives revealed their driver had prior credibility work problems which led to the case being settled during voluntary mediation on the eve of trial. Plaintiff also received substantial Workers Compensation benefits on top of the $ 2,700,000 settlement and has the ability to reopen his Work Related Injury case should his injuries worsen.

$987,500 Gloucester County settlement for 73 year old driver of a car who was passing through an intersection when a car made a right turn on red in front of a vehicle, coming in the opposite direction as she was, which swerved into the front of her car. She sustained extensive injuries, required multiple leg surgeries, and was left with severe disabilities. The primary defendant had minimal coverage. A settlement was reached with the insurance carrier of the less liable driver, after multiple depositions and settlement conferences, shortly before trial.

Our client was a 45 year key employee of a woodworking business, who sustained multiple disc injuries requiring surgery after a car Accident.  He was out of work for six months, returned to the same job, made the same income, but was left with substantial permanent pain and suffering.  His medical bills and wages were paid by PIP.  Immediate investigation revealed proofs that the defendant was at fault.  Proofs were also gathered showing that the plaintiff mitigated his damages by returning as soon as he did, despite his permanent pain and suffering.  Witnesses were prepared to testify that plaintiff returned as soon as he did because he was a conscientious hard working employee who wanted to take care of his family and his employer.  After lengthy discovery and trial preparations, the case settled for $875,000 shortly before trial was to begin.

Gloucester County settlement for a 60 year old female mortgage account manager who was rear-ended in a car Accident while stopped at a red traffic light. After the Accident she declined medical treatment at the scene but ended up going to the hospital the next day with back pain. The person who hit her tried to argue that he could not avoid the Accident because there was an animal in the roadway.  Our investigation revealed that there were no animals in the roadway and that the person who hit our client was 100% at fault for the Accident.  Our client ended up with a low back injury that required surgery and will require future medical care.  She did not have any wage loss, but did suffer continued pain and limitations in her back and bladder which was affected by nerve damage.  This case went to Mediation with a retired Federal Court Judge and we were able to reach a settlement at trial.  We were proud to represent her and her husband.  She was a sweet woman who was minding her own business on her way to work when her life was changed by someone who was not paying attention to the roadway in front of them and was negligent.

This settlement arose from a dram shop action.  A dram shop is the name for the law that governs bars and tavern’s responsibility to the public for injuries that happen when someone becomes visibly intoxicated at a bar and leaves the bar and hurts someone in a car Accident. In this case, we represented a lovely Gloucester County resident who speaks Spanish only.  She was stopped at a red traffic light late at night after she had left her job as a housekeeper for a local car dealer.  While stopped at the light, she was rear ended by a pickup truck that was traveling at a high rate of speed.  The driver of the truck had just left a local bar where he was over served alcohol by the bartenders and was allowed to drive despite the fact that he was visibly drunk.  The Accident injured our client’s neck badly, requiring a fusion surgery.  She was not able to return to work, and needs continuing medical care.  We sued the bar and the person who was drunk and who hit our client.  We were able to reach a settlement with the bar and the defendant driver after two Mediations and after the case was scheduled for trial.  The settlement will allow our client to continue her medical care and to have peace of mind that she will be able to keep her house and be able to take care of herself while she ages and is not able to work.

Gloucester County Jury Verdict for a middle age laborer who was driving a Pickup truck when he was T-boned in an intersectional accident. Liability was contested. Plaintiff sustained a herniated lumbar disc which was treated conservatively and he returned to his labor intensive job with restrictions. The defendant had a liability insurance policy limit of $100,000 to satisfy plaintiff’s injuries and damages. Plaintiff offered to accept this amount but the defendant’s insurance company questioned the seriousness and extent of his injuries. Plaintiff was an avid outdoorsman and hunter and testified he was limited in doing these favorite activities. Trial strategy including the use of the time unit rule guided the jury to return verdict of over $ 600,000.00 which was paid by the defendant’s insurance carrier under the bad faith theories set forth in New Jersey Law.

On a normal day, our client was a passenger in her friend’s car.  Their car was slammed into by another car and our client was badly injured.  She had to undergo shoulder and back surgery.  We were able to prove that the other party was at fault for the Accident and the injuries.  We reached a settlement prior to trial.

Our client was traveling in Gloucester County when he was rear ended.  He injured his back, and had to undergo back surgery.  The insurance company cut off his medical care, and we had to fight to get him the surgery he needed to get better.  We went to Arbitration under the terms of his auto insurance policy and the Arbitrators awarded him $400,000.00 for pain and suffering.

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