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Camden County Settlements

$6,500,000 settlement for mTBI victim of rear end collision. 40 year old father of 3 was on his way home from work as an auto mechanic for a car dealership when he struck from behind by a large SUV. Extensive investigation and litigation discovery revealed the defendant driver was using his cell phone for work around the time of the accident which enabled larger insurance coverage to be accessed. Our client suffered from permanent issues of headaches, memory fuzziness, thinking difficulties, light sensitivity, smell issues, sight problems, and difficulty being in crowded settings. He was unable to return to his prior employment. The case settled after several mediations as trial was approaching.

$2,500,000 Camden County Settlement for our 28 year old, father of 1, factory worker who was involved in an inter-sectional accident.  Plaintiff sustained several orthopedic injuries and an mTBI from which he sustained severe headaches. The defendants hotly contested plaintiff’s problems as being caused by the accident. Extensive medical monitoring and preparation of trial exhibits led to a mediated settlement of $ 2,500,000 shortly before trial, in addition to his medical treatment expenses, now and in the future.  We also filed for Social Security Disability and won after a full hearing with the Judge, which resulted in over $50,000.00 in back money to our client.

Camden County woman was in a car Accident when a truck hit her car.  She suffered injuries to her back and hand, which required a surgery to her low back to repair a herniated disc and to her hand for carpal tunnel syndrome.  She had a claim for lost wages from being out of work, although she did end up finding other employment.  This case was mediated with a retired Judge and we were able to reach a settlement without going to trial.

$750,000 Camden County Settlement for a 45 year old passenger in a car which was involved in a disputed intersectional accident. She sustained severe leg injuries which required 2 surgeries and left her with a limp and scars. She was in the course of her employment and all of her past and future related medical bills were paid and she was entitled to reopen her claim for permanent disabilities for 2 years after her last treatment. She returned to her prior employment. The case settled when a jury was being picked shortly before trial was to start.

Car accidents can have profound consequences in the blink of an eye that seem insurmountable.  It takes a team of experts by your side to counsel you through such a tragic event to give you the best opportunity to resume a normal life. One such case involved our client who was driving on a highway and approaching an intersection with a traffic light that just cycled from red to green.  As she entered the intersection, she was confronted with a bus that tried to beat the traffic light on the cross street.  At impact, our client’s foot was fractured. Initially, her doctors splinted the foot, gave her crutches and ordered therapy.  Unfortunately, as months passed, she continued to have pain, a significant limp and her foot never started to heal.  Our team of experts worked with our client to get her into a leading foot surgeon.  It was determined that she needed fusion surgery to the heel of her foot.  Since surgery, she has gone on to make a good recovery with restored function to walk and resume a normal life.   We recovered $700,000.00 which helped our client through this difficult time.  Even more important to us is that we made a lifelong friend whom we are proud to say is living her life to the fullest.

$675,000 Camden County Settlement for our client, a 78 year old wife, who was merging onto traffic on a state highway when she was struck in the rear. Liability was contested as defendant argued plaintiff pulled suddenly in front of him into oncoming traffic. Our client had longstanding knee problems and sustained an aggravation of them which led to a torn medial meniscus surgery and subsequent knee replacement. She recovered and was able to ambulate with a slight limp. The case settled for $675,000 on the eve of trial.

Our client, a humble church volunteer, agreed to drive his fellow church members to functions in a van supplied by the church.  On one such occasion, another driver turned suddenly in front of the church van causing a head-on type collision. Our client suffered significant injuries including mild traumatic brain injury, a fracture to his finger and injury to his spine.  Despite his immediate return to work and limited treatment, his injuries were far more significant than the minimal $15,000 policy that was offered by the other driver who caused the accident. We therefore directed our focus on the insurance company who insured the church van.  The insurance company argued that there was a specific exclusion in the policy for volunteers not paid for driving the van.  Through extensive investigation, we uncovered a document that proved the church’s insurance company required our client to attend a one-day safe driving program before he was allowed to drive the van.  Although our client had forgotten about this, our discovery of this document resulted in a policy limit recovery for our client in the amount of $500,000.00

$500,000 Camden County settlement for what the defendants described as a ‘low impact minimal property damage accident’. Our 40 year old client was struck in the rear while in traffic and sustained multiple disc injuries to his neck and back. He was involved in another similar accident 2 years after the first accident, but before the first accident reached the trial stage. We had both cases consolidated so that they would both be tried on damages at one time by the same jury. Experts were retained to differentiate the injuries from each accident and the case settled at the Camden County Courthouse, shortly before trial was to begin.

Our client, a Camden resident, was a diabetic, and was using a transport company to take her to her treatments.  One day, the transport company placed her in a wheelchair and into the transport van.  The company’s representative failed to secure the wheelchair and failed to secure our client in the chair and on the lift to get into the transport van.  Because of this, our client fell out of the chair from a height onto the ground.  She sustained significant injuries to her leg which required surgery.  We were able to prove that the transport company was negligent and we were able to settle her case before going to trial.

$425,000 Camden County settlement for our 55 year old house wife who was stopped in the line of traffic when she was struck from behind. Our client had a long history of prior back problems and had been involved in a serious prior accident. She treated conservatively but her neck problems increased and she underwent 2 surgical procedures.

$425,000 Camden County Settlement for our 45 year old housewife client who was stopped in the line of traffic when she was struck in the rear. Our client sustained immediate pain in her neck and back area and was subsequently diagnosed with herniated disc injuries to both areas. She was treated conservatively with Chiropractic care and the case settled on the eve of trial at the Camden county Court House.

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