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Burlington County Settlements

Car Accident leading to Spine Surgeon on Factory Worker

Burlington County, N.J.                                 $1,625,000.00

$1,625,000 Burlington County Settlement for a 45 year old married factory worker who was in an accident on an approach to one of the Delaware River bridges. He initially sustained neck and back soft tissue injuries and treated conservatively while continuing his industrial job. His injuries worsened and he required spinal surgery and which left him in persistent pain requiring a pain pump to administer pain medication. He had difficulties on his job and had to quit. Liability was also in dispute as the case proceeded to the trial stage where it settled.


Tractor trailer accident causing numerous Bone Injuries and Loss of Income

Burlington County, N.J.                     $1,075,000.00

$1,075,000 Settlement of contested red light liability Burlington County case. Our client, a married 50 yr old insurance and bank marketer, was driving his car through an intersection controlled by a traffic light, when he was struck by a utility truck. The color of the traffic light for our client was in dispute. He sustained head, shoulder, knee and neck injuries that were superimposed on prior football injuries. He treated conservatively and after more than a year, he underwent a shoulder and low back surgery which the defendants disputed as being caused by the accident. We utilized a noted employability expert to project the losses of our client’s new bank marketing plan and the case settled after multiple liability depositions and motions at the time of trial.


Car accident at intersection causing Hand Surgery and Back Injuries

Burlington County, N.J.                                 $735,000.00

$735,000 Burlington County settlement for a 40 year old Chiropractor’s office assistant who sustained a broken hand along with neck and back injuries. The accident occurred at an intersection controlled by stop signs. Both our client and the defendant claimed they had stopped and there were no witnesses. Our client treated conservatively for her neck and back injuries including Chiropractic care, but underwent a surgery on her dominant hand. The surgery caused her to be out of work for an extended period of time, but she was able to return to the same job. The case settled when the plaintiff showed up for trial.


Dump truck accident causing hand surgeries and nerve damage to Married Female

Burlington County, N.J.                                 $600,000.00

$600,000 Burlington County Settlement for 42 year old housewife who was traveling down a country road when the defendant dump truck operator started to make a right turn but then made a left turn as plaintiff was passing him on his left. There were no eye witnesses. Our client sustained injuries to her left neck shoulder arm, and side. She also sustained carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, which required surgeries. She treated conservatively for her neck, shoulder and side injuries and was sent to an arm specialist who diagnosed her with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The case settled at the Burlington County Courthouse on the day of trial.


Rear end car accident causing back injury and surgery

Burlington County, N.J.                                 $435,000.00

$435,000 Burlington County Court House settlement for a 45 year old medical professional who was stopped in his car getting gas when the vehicle behind him struck him in the rear. There was minimal property damage and our client sustained disc injuries to his neck and shoulder problems because he was twisted in his seat at the time of impact. Defendants hotly contested that the injuries were caused by the minimal impact and retained bio-mechanical experts to disprove our client’s claims. After extensive litigation, the defendants settled the case for $ 435,000 at the court house before trial was to begin.


Minor Impact Car accident causing back injury and fusion surgery

Burlington County, N.J.                                 $400,000.00

$400,000.00 settlement for a 30 year old salesman who was injured in a highly contested liability setting involving a parking lot accident that left his vehicle with minimal property damage.  He sustained injuries to his neck and back and required a fusion to his lumbar area.  Although the defendant’s medical experts alleged the injuries were not caused by this accident due to the minimal impact, proofs were developed to show that the plaintiff, a former college basketball player, sustained severe low back injuries which required a significant fusion surgery, and left him unable to play his lifelong favorite sport of basketball.  Although his sales expense receipts showed a significant amount of work related night life after the accidents, additional proofs and experts would have testified that he maintained his sales position due to the same drive and determination that allowed him to receive a college basketball scholarship, in spite of his significant permanent pain and suffering.

**’Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances’**

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**'Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances'**
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