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Case Settlements

*Our Law Firm has Recovered 100’s of Millions of Dollars for over 11,000 Injured Clients in the Past 45 Years. The below are some examples of real cases and results. We have left out many settlements that were reached under a confidentiality clause, and we have left out all settlements under $400,000.00. We have left out workers’ compensation settlements and trial results. Our Firm has recovered $300,000.00 or over 250 times. Also of note is the fact that in many of these cases we were limited by the amount of available insurance available to our client.

Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts 400k and Over

$11.700,000.00 jury verdict and in addition to the verdict several settlements with tire retread corporation, concrete company and tire manufacturer. Our 30 year old mother was a passenger with her daughter in her mother’s minivan on a hot July day in 2015. They were on a trip to go shopping and the minivan driver encountered a gigantic concrete truck tire tread in the middle of Rt. 295 in Gloucester County, NJ. The driver swerved to avoid the tire and ended up striking the guard rail and the vehicle overturned. This tragedy led to occupants in the car being severely injured. Through investigation and hard work our firm uncovered the fact that many defendant companies were at fault for this tire tread coming off of the concrete truck in the middle of the roadway. The concrete company never alerted 911 about the tread, and if they did the injuries could have been prevented. After our investigation and discovery we were able to secure a record jury verdict in Philadelphia County in the fall of 2018. We also reached several settlements during trial.

fall of 2018. We also reached several settlements during trial. $ 6,500,000 settlement for mTBI victim of rear end collision. 40 year old father of 3 was on his way home from work as an auto mechanic for a car dealership when he struck from behind by a large SUV. Extensive investigation and litigation discovery revealed the defendant driver was using his cell phone for work around the time of the accident which enabled larger insurance coverage to be accessed. Our client suffered from permanent issues of headaches, memory fuzziness, thinking difficulties, light sensitivity, smell issues, sight problems, and difficulty being in crowded settings. He was unable to return to his prior employment. The case settled after several mediations as trial was approaching $ 3,000,000 settlement for a 25 year old male

$ 3,000,000 settlement for a 25 year old male employee of a large grocery chain, who was riding his bike to work in the early morning of a fall day when he was struck by a gas tank truck and thrown into the woods. He sustained multiple orthopedic injuries and a brain injury, all of which required him to be placed into a group home setting. He was permanently disabled and unable to work, requiring daily supervision for the rest of his life. Persistent and extensive discovery revealed that the defendant truck driver had issues with his eyes, did not properly complete his employer’s driving records, and that the truck had mechanical problems with its brakes which caused it to be red lined prior to the accident. The case settled as the result of a unique settlement conference involving panel of lawyers and a judge, shortly before it was to go to trial. The client’s medical bills and living expenses were also paid for the rest of his life in addition to the $ 3,000,000 settlement making the value of the total amount recovered for our client a multiple of the amount paid

$3,000,000.00 $ 3,000,000 settlement for the family of a fatally injured 30 year old, father of 1, who died instantly as a result of a gruesome industrial accident. There were no eye witnesses and major issues concerning Tort Claim Immunities, ownership/maintenance/and manufacturing of the industrial equipment involved, as well as the defense of Contributory Negligence. After several years of intense discovery, and multiple trial listings that were postponed by the defense, the case was resolved at the beginning of the jury selection process, shortly before the trial was to begin for $3,000,000 in addition to Workers Compensation Death Benefits

$ 2,700.000 Gloucester County Settlement for our injured 50 year old client who was driving his vehicle in the course of his employment, on a county road, when he was struck by a tractor trailer existing from a truck terminal. Liability was contested as was the extent of our clients multiple cervical and lumbar orthopedic herniated disc injuries for which surgeries were projected. Additionally the defense questioned the severity of our clients mTBI (closed head injury) which caused him problems with reading, brightness, and thinking. Depositions of the defendant driver and his company representatives revealed their driver had prior credibility work problems which led to the case being settled during voluntary mediation on the eve of trial. Plaintiff also received substantial Workers Compensation benefits on top of the $ 2,700,000 settlement and has the ability to reopen his Work Related Injury case should his injuries worsen
$ 2,500,00 Camden County Settlement for our 28 year old, father of 1, factory worker who was involved in an intersectional accident. Plaintiff sustained several orthopedic injuries and a mTBI from which he sustained severe headaches. The defendants hotly contested plaintiff’s problems as being caused by the accident. Extensive medical monitoring and preparation of trial exhibits led to a mediated settlement of $ 2,500,000 shortly before trial, in addition to his medical treatment expenses, now and in the future. We also filed for Social Security Disability and won after a full hearing with the Judge, which resulted in over $50,000.00 in back money to our client.

$ 2,000,000 Camden County Settlement during the 5th day of trial for a 30 year old Motor Cycle mechanic who was injured test driving a motorcycle he had just repaired, during the course of his employment. Defendants disputed liability for this intersectional red light/green light accident and claimed that our client had disregarded the red light and did not have on the proper safety clothing to minimize the risk of his injuries. Our client had injured his foot. There were no eyewitnesses. Suit was filed and the case proceeded to trial. After several days of trial testimony, the case was settled for $2,000,000 in addition to the workers compensation benefits our client received. Because this Accident happened at work, our client was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. His employer fought his Workers Compensation Case and we went to trial on that case. The case settled after we put on our proofs and testimony at trial, and he will received lifetime medical care and permanency benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance company.

$ 1,625,000 Burlington County Settlement for a 45 year old married factory worker who was in an accident on an approach to one of the Delaware River bridges. He initially sustained neck and back soft tissue injuries and treated conservatively while continuing his industrial job. His injuries worsened and he required spinal surgery and which left him in persistent pain requiring a pain to administer pain medication. He had difficulties on his job and had to quit. Liability was also in dispute as the case proceeded to the trial stage where it settled

Our client was a passenger in a car that made a left hand turn in front of a construction truck at a dangerous intersection in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Liability was hotly contested between the parties with both drivers alleging they had the green light right away. Our client was unconscious following the accident and could not recall the occurrence. She sustained head, neck, arm and hand injuries with mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury) residuals. The case was settled on the eve of trial by the Law Firm of Vincent J. Ciecka for $ 1,600,000
$1,600,000 Camden County settlement for a 40 year old hospital worker who slipped on a foreign substance while working injuring her knee. Our client continued working, but eventually had to stop, as her knee got worse and she required several surgeries which left her with permanent disabilities. Our firm recovered workman’s compensation benefits for her including the cost of all of her medical care and lost wages, and assured her that her future knee problems related to this accident would be taken care of. Investigation revealed that the substance was due to the negligence of an employee of a subcontractor of the hospital and the case was settled prior to trial
$ 1,600,000 Atlantic County Settlement for a 40 year old mother of 2 who was injured when stopped in traffic on the Atlantic City Expressway. Plaintiff sustained multiple orthopedic injuries including a fractured hip which required hospitalization. Plaintiff recovered from her injuries and returned to her prior nurse related job but was left with painful disabilities which bothered her constantly. The case was settled in addition to the payment of all of her past and future medical bills for $ 1,600,000 prior to trial after extensive depositions of the defense doctors who disputed the extent of plaintiff’s injuries.
Our client, a self employed painter, was hired to paint the exterior of a building that operated as a diner. On a handshake agreement, our client climbed up his 15 foot ladder to begin the work. While painting, when his left hand made contact with the diner’s sign, he was electrically shocked and thrown to the ground. As he laid flat on his back in searing pain, he would soon learn that his left shoulder suffered a comminuted head splitting humerus fracture requiring an emergency left shoulder partial replacement. The owner claimed he had no knowledge that the metal sign was electrically energized and there was nothing he could have done. Our investigation uncovered that for years the owner was aware of electrical problems throughout the building. We learned that the owner, who was legally responsible to have a permit for the sign, never bothered to get one. This callous act exposed our client to grave danger and horrific injury. The $1,505,000.00 settlement is a testament to our unyielding commitment to our clients.
Ocean County settlement for our 45 year old mother of 2 who had been a Physical Education teacher and was a Personal Trainer at the time of the accident. Our client was injured when she was a passenger in a vehicle that Accidented into another car that made a left hand turn in front of her. Plaintiff sustained multiple orthopedic injuries to her right foot, neck, back, shoulders, and arm. She was left with permanent problems which affected her ability to work out and train as she had before the accident. Investigation and depositions revealed that the left hand turning driver was returning from an office Christmas party when the accident occurred which allowed for his employer’s insurance policy to contribute to the $ 1,250,000 settlement shortly prior to trial.
$ 1,150,000 Cape May County Settlement of a Boating Accident for our minor client and his family, who was injured when he fell off of an inner tube while being towed by his father and was run over by another boat. He sustained lacerations to his face, shoulder, and leg which required stitching and will probably require subsequent plastic surgery when his facial features mature as a young man. The $1,150,000 settlement exhausted the limits of the main defendants insurance policy and was approved by the Cape May County Court so that our client’s injuries will be taken care of for the rest of his life, with all of the funds preserved until he needs them.
$ 1,125,000 Settlement in Philadelphia Workers Compensation automobile accident. Plaintiff retained the Law Office of Vincent J. Ciecka shortly after the accident allowing immediate investigation to tie down important liability facts. Our 40 year old married client sustained a fractured ankle with a plate and pin fixation. Her medical care was controlled by her employers Workers Compensation carrier which also obtained secretive surveillance video tapes of her recovery and activities. Intensive litigation resulted in a $ 1,125,000 settlement when a jury was being picked.
$ 1,075,00 Settlement of contested red light liability Burlington County case. Our client, a married 50 yr old insurance and bank marketer, was driving his car through an intersection controlled by a traffic light, when he was struck by a utility truck. The color of the traffic light for our client was in dispute. He sustained head, shoulder, knee and neck injuries that were superimposed on prior football injuries. He treated conservatively and after more than a year, he underwent a shoulder and low back surgery which the defendants disputed as being caused by the accident. We utilized a noted employability expert to project the losses of our client’s new bank marketing plan and the case settled after multiple liability depositions and motions at the time of trial.
$3 Million Jury Verdict: a young diabetic mother with a high risk pregnancy was in the 22nd week of gestation when she went into labor. She called her treating OBGYN who advised her to go to the hospital where she was placed in a room. She told the nurse that she felt fetal movement. She was not placed on a monitor and her OBGYN did not come to the hospital. The attending nurse told the husband that the mother was delirious, the child was not alive, would be gray and ashen when delivered, and left the room. Mom then spontaneously delivered her baby unassisted without the nurse of any doctor in the room while her husband watched. The attending nurse then came in, cut the umbilical cord, and asked the father if he wanted to hold his child. The dad, shocked, told the nurse no, as he thought their baby was dead. The nurse then rushed out of the room with the baby. The dad followed the nurse into the hall where she told him that the baby was alive, but in grave condition. Both parents were shocked. Their child was transferred to CHOP and survived for several gut wrenching weeks, before dying in her mother’s arms as the dad watched. The OBGYN, aware of the setting, advised the nurse the baby was dead and chose to not come to the hospital for the delivery. The hospital had no doctor in attendance. A five week trial resulted in a $3,000,000 verdict.
A 13 year old boy was driving his moped to school, crossing a major highway controlled by a traffic signal, when he was struck by a trash truck. He died immediately. There was no conscious pain and suffering. The colors of the traffic lights were in dispute. The trash truck driver testified he had a green light. Extensive investigation and discovery revealed the trash truck company had intentionally disconnected the front brakes of the trash truck which contributed to the cause of the accident. The insurance company for the trash truck argued their driver was not at fault and that the immediate death of the 13 year old boy would not result in survivorship action which required conscious pain and suffering. They also argued the boy did not work and did not contribute pecuniary benefits to his family. After multiple depositions, extensive discovery, and trial preparation, the case settled on the eve of trial for over $1,000,000.
$1,000,000.00 A young man was helping to guide a family member who was backing a box truck to a trailer. Tragically, the operator started to back the truck before our client signaled it was safe. Our client was pinned between the vehicles and his legs were crushed. The first hurdle our office faced was limited medical coverage available to our client for his extensive injuries. We mobilized and met with the hospital and doctors to secure complete and uninterrupted treatment for our client even after medical coverage was exhausted. After many operations and extensive rehabilitation, our client went on to make a good recovery having regained full use and functionality of both his legs. Despite numerous challenges from the insurance company, we were successful in securing the entire policy limit of $ 1,000,000.00. The settlement gave our client the time and financial security he needed to help overcome this tragic event.
A young married working mom of three toddlers drove to work at the crack of dawn on a cold winter morning to help support her family. As she exited her car and walked toward the employee entrance, she stepped on a patch of black ice she did not see and fell backward landing on her back. She was placed out of work on disability and while waiting to undergo back surgery, she was terminated by her employer. Our client’s life had turned upside down and we stood by her through this difficult time. When we sued, the owner of the building responded by saying our client had prior back problems and that there was a snow storm days before the fall and he had the area cleared of snow. Our investigation revealed there was a defective down spout that discharged melted snow water from the roof onto the walkway where it froze. We learned that the owner was aware of the defect but only bothered to fix the down spout in the front of the building and not by the employee entrance where our client slipped. We took pride in securing for our client the entire policy limit of $1,000,000.00 that helped our client and her family get back on their feet and provided a measure of financial security for them.
$ 987,500 Gloucester County settlement for 73 year old driver of a car who was passing through an intersection when a car made a right turn on red in front of a vehicle, coming in the opposite direction as she was, which swerved into the front of her car. She sustained extensive injuries, required multiple leg surgeries, and was left with severe disabilities. The primary defendant had minimal coverage. A settlement was reached with the insurance carrier of the less liable driver, after multiple depositions and settlement conferences, shortly before trial.
Early on a sunny summer morning, a 50 year old manufacturing employee was assigned to trim trees along his employer’s factory property line. He was found dead mid morning, beneath a tree, with burn marks into and through one of his thighs. No one knew what happened. There were no witnesses. He was survived by his wife and two teenage daughters. After we performed immediate and thorough investigation, the accident was reconstructed and suit was brought against the utility company which had ran a very high voltage tension wire along the property line near the tree. One of the theories was that the utility company sold a defective product that was not properly packaged which caused the electrocution. The high voltage wire was not strung taunt enough nor insulated sufficiently to prevent its electricity from arcing into the dew covered tree and through the decedents thigh, causing him to be thrown from the tree and electrocuted. The case settled at the court house shortly before the commencement of trial for $900,000+
Plaintiff was a 45 year key employee of a woodworking business, who sustained multiple disc injuries requiring surgery after a car Accident. He was out of work for six months, returned to the same job, made the same income, but was left with substantial permanent pain and suffering. His medical bills and wages were paid by PIP. Immediate investigation revealed proofs that the defendant was at fault. Proofs were also gathered showing that the plaintiff mitigated his damages by returning as soon as he did, despite his permanent pain and suffering. Witnesses were prepared to testify that plaintiff returned as soon as he did because he was a conscientious hard working employee who wanted to take care of his family and his employer. After lengthy discovery and trial preparations, the case settled for $875,000 shortly before trial was to begin.
$ 750,000 Camden County Settlement for a 45 year old passenger in a car which was involved in a disputed intersectional accident. She sustained severe leg injuries which required 2 surgeries and left her with a limp and scars. She was in the course of her employment and all of her past and future related medical bills were paid and she was entitled to reopen her claim for permanent disabilities for 2 years after her last treatment. She returned to her prior employment. The case settled when a jury was being picked shortly before trial was to start.
Camden County woman was in a car Accident when a truck hit her car. She suffered injuries to her back and hand, which required a surgery to her low back to repair a herniated disc and to her hand for carpal tunnel syndrome. She had a claim for lost wages from being out of work, although she did end up finding other employment. This case was Mediated with a retired Judge and we were able to reach a settlement without going to trial.
Gloucester County settlement for a 60 year old female mortgage account manager who was rear-ended in a car Accident while stopped at a red traffic light. After the Accident she declined medical treatment at the scene but ended up going to the hospital the next day with back pain. The person who hit her tried to argue that he could not avoid the Accident because there was an animal in the roadway. Our investigation revealed that there were no animals in the roadway and that the person who hit our client was 100% at fault for the Accident. Our client ended up with a low back injury that required surgery and will require future medical care. She did not have any wage loss, but did suffer continued pain and limitations in her back and bladder which was affected by nerve damage. This case went to Mediation with a retired Federal Court Judge and we were able to reach a settlement at trial. We were proud to represent her and her husband. She was a sweet woman who was minding her own business on her way to work when her life was changed by someone who was not paying attention to the roadway in front of them and was negligent.
$ 735,000 Burlington County settlement for a 40 year old Chiropractor’s office assistant who sustained a broken hand along with neck and back injuries. The accident occurred at an intersection controlled by stop signs. Both our client and the defendant claimed they had stopped and there were no witnesses. Our client treated conservatively for her neck and back injuries including Chiropractic care, but underwent a surgery on her dominant hand. The surgery caused her to be out of work for an extended period of time, but she was able to return to the same job. The case settled when the plaintiff showed up for trial.
Car accidents can have profound consequences in the blink of an eye that seem insurmountable. It takes a team of experts by your side to counsel you through such a tragic event to give you the best opportunity to resume a normal life. One such case involved our client who was driving on a highway and approaching an intersection with a traffic light that just cycled from red to green. As she entered the intersection, she was confronted with a bus that tried to beat the traffic light on the cross street. At impact, our client’s foot was fractured. Initially, her doctors splinted the foot, gave her crutches and ordered therapy. Unfortunately, as months passed, she continued to have pain, a significant limp and her foot never started to heal. Our team of experts worked with our client to get her into a leading foot surgeon. It was determined that she needed fusion surgery to the heel of her foot. Since surgery, she has gone on to make a good recovery with restored function to walk and resume a normal life. We recovered $700,000.00 which helped our client through this difficult time. Even more important to us is that we made a life long friend whom we are proud to say is living her life to the fullest.
$ 675,000 Camden County Settlement for our client, a 78 year old wife, who was merging onto traffic on a state highway when she was struck in the rear. Liability was contested as defendant argued plaintiff pulled suddenly in front of him into oncoming traffic. Our client had longstanding knee problems and sustained an aggravation of them which led to a torn medial meniscus surgery and subsequent knee replacement. She recovered and was able to ambulate with a slight limp. The case settled for $675,000 on the eve of trial.
This settlement arose from a dram shop action. A dram shop is the name for the law that governs bars and tavern’s responsibility to the public for injuries that happen when someone becomes visibly intoxicated at a bar and leaves the bar and hurts someone in a car Accident. In this case, we represented a lovely Gloucester County resident who speaks Spanish only. She was stopped at a red traffic light late at night after she had left her job as a housekeeper for a local car dealer. While stopped at the light, she was rear ended by a pickup truck that was traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver of the truck had just left a local bar where he was over served alcohol by the bartenders and was allowed to drive despite the fact that he was visibly drunk. The Accident injured our client’s neck badly, requiring a fusion surgery. She was not able to return to work, and needs continuing medical care. We sued the bar and the person who was drunk and who hit our client. We were able to reach a settlement with the bar and the defendant driver after two Mediations and after the case was scheduled for trial. The settlement will allow our client to continue her medical care and to have peace of mind that she will be able to keep her house and be able to take care of herself while she ages and is not able to work.
Philadelphia intersectional accident settlement for a middle aged driver in a hotly contested intersectional accident case with witnesses contradicting each other. Plaintiff sustained a herniated disc with a Lumbar Fusion and an injury to his left shoulder which required surgery. Suit was filed and litigation extensive discovery depositions of the witnesses by our firm resulted in the case being settled for $625,000 without trial.
Gloucester County Jury Verdict for a middle age laborer who was driving a Pickup truck when he was T-boned in an intersectional accident. Liability was contested. Plaintiff sustained a herniated lumbar disc which was treated conservatively and he returned to his labor intensive job with restrictions. The defendant had a liability insurance policy limit of $100,000 to satisfy plaintiff’s injuries and damages. Plaintiff offered to accept this amount but the defendant’s insurance company questioned the seriousness and extent of his injuries. Plaintiff was an avid outdoorsman and hunter and testified he was limited in doing these favorite activities. Trial strategy including the use of the time unit rule guided the jury to return verdict of over $ 600,000.00 which was paid by the defendant’s insurance carrier under the bad faith theories set forth in New Jersey Law.
$ 600,000 Burlington County Settlement for 42 year old housewife who was traveling down a country road when the defendant dump truck operator started to make a right turn but then made a left turn as plaintiff was passing him on his left. There were no eye witnesses. Our client sustained injuries to her left neck shoulder arm, and side. She also sustained carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, which required surgeries. She treated conservatively for her neck, shoulder and side injuries and was sent to an arm specialist who diagnosed her with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The case settled at the Burlington County Courthouse on the day of trial.
We represented a middle aged female social worker who was working in Philadelphia making a delivery when she was rear ended by a hit and run car. She suffered injuries to her neck, back and hands. While she did not have surgery, she was not able to continue working and required other medical care. We pursued her case against her employer’s hit and run insurance as well as the workers’ compensation insurance company. We were able to reach a settlement after Mediation with a retired Judge. Our client was able to take care of herself and be able to move to a better neighborhood and continue her medical care with the compensation she received for her injuries.
Our client, a humble church volunteer, agreed to drive his fellow church members to functions in a van supplied by the church. On one such occasion, another driver turned suddenly in front of the church van causing a head-on type collision. Our client suffered significant injuries including mild traumatic brain injury, a fracture to his finger and injury to his spine. Despite his immediate return to work and limited treatment, his injuries were far more significant than the minimal $15,000 policy that was offered by the other driver who caused the accident. We therefore directed our focus on the insurance company who insured the church van. The insurance company argued that there was a specific exclusion in the policy for volunteers not paid for driving the van. Through extensive investigation, we uncovered a document that proved the church’s insurance company required our client to attend a one-day safe driving program before he was allowed to drive the van. Although our client had forgotten about this, our discovery of this document resulted in a policy limit recovery for our client in the amount of $500,000.00
Settlement for a middle aged office worker who was injured when driving his car into a light controlled intersection. He was hit by a Box truck and knocked on his side, sliding for a long distance before coming to rest. He sustained disc injuries requiring extensive conservative treatment including a Rhizotomy. Both he and the defendant driver testified they had the green light but our firm’s investigation discovered a witness who lived near the scene that confirmed plaintiff’s version of the accident. Litigation was started in the Philadelphia Court system ta settlement was negotiated for more than $ 500,000 before a trial was scheduled.
Burlington County slip and fall settlement for a 67 year old retired grocery store employee who had a long history of prior arm, neck, back, and closed head injuries from multiple accidents and work injuries. Several days after a major snow storm, he slipped on black ice at a condominium development where he was living. Suit was brought against the condominium development and the landscaping entity that was in charge snow removal. It had snowed several days before. Defendants denied any liability and alleged our client was the sole cause of his injuries. He required 2 shoulder surgeries. The case settled when the parties showed up for trial.
$ 500,000+ Middlesex County settlement for our 74 year old grandmother who tripped and fell in a restaurant fracturing her hip and injuring her shoulder. Investigation revealed that the lights and carpets masked a hump in the bathroom passageway which we alleged caused the fall. Our client underwent 2 surgeries and never regained her pre accident state of health. She had major arthritic problems in all areas before the accident and was limited in her activities. The case settled during preparations for trial for over $ 500,000
$ 500,000 Camden County settlement for what the defendants described as a ‘low impact minimal property damage accident’. Our 40 year old client was struck in the rear while in traffic and sustained multiple disc injuries to his neck and back. He was involved an another accident similar accident 2 years after the first accident, but before the first accident reached the trial stage. We had both cases consolidated so that they would both be tried on damages at one time by the same jury. Experts were retained to differentiate the injuries from each accident and the case settled for $500,000 at the Camden County Courthouse, shortly before trial was to begin.
Our client was walking in front of a business that had not properly shoveled or salted the walkways in front of their establishment. The area became very dangerous and you could not see the ice. Our client was walking in front of this business and slipped and fell very hard on the ice. She injured her neck and back, and was ultimately diagnoses with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and had numerous injections. She did not have surgery. We were able to prove that the business owners knew about the dangerous condition but did not do anything to prevent people from being hurt. This case settled before trial for $500,000.00
Our client was invited to attend a backyard house party. While seated at a folding table in the backyard under a canopy, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. In that instant, a burst of wind came through and a large tree came Accidenting down on the canopy. The tree trunk landed on our client, pinning her underneath the tree and causing an open fracture to her foot and other injuries. The homeowner refused to take responsibility and argued that it was an act of god over which they had no control. Investigation uncovered that the tree had been visibly dying for years and even had large holes in the main trunk area. Further, we learned that the defendant had previously worked for a landscape contractor and should have known better. Because the homeowner refused to relent, we proceeded to a hearing where it was determined that the homeowner was at fault and our client was awarded the entire policy limit of $500,000.00
On a Sunday over the summer, our client, a boating novice, was talked into a motorboat excursion in the Atlantic Ocean. Within minutes of entering the ocean, the captain encountered a large wave. Our client went flying up into the air and slammed back down on her buttocks. This caused a disc in her back to burst and compress her spinal cord. She was taken to the hospital where she underwent emergency back surgery. Although the surgery was successful, she was left with permanent physical restrictions and disability. The captain of the motorboat vehemently denied any responsibility. He argued that the weather forecast was clear that day and that it was a rogue wave which was an act of god and beyond his control. Extensive investigation proved otherwise: 1.) weather reports confirmed a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean off Bermuda that was likely to cause swells on the east coast; 2.) the captain had only recently obtained his boating license and lacked experience; and 3.) a certified marine investigator we hired had found responsibility on the captain for failing to timely recognize the wave and for improperly traversing the wave. This case went to a hearing where it was determined that the captain was at fault and our client was awarded the policy limit of $500,000.00
Four women on their way home from a family weekend at the NJ shore, were in a minivan when struck head on by a pickup truck. Three were taken to trauma center. One woman pronounced dead at the scene. Defendant operator told police that he had a problem with the steering on his new pickup. We quickly arranged to have the defendant’s pickup truck secured and had it inspected by a expert engineer. The black box was removed but the data was lost due to the heavy damage to the vehicle. Defendant insurance carrier offered their 1 million dollar policy limit to settle all cases. A asset check on the defendant driver, showed that he had no appreciable assets and limited income. We utilized and accessed UIM limits of host vehicle and the insurance policy of the deceased. Finally we submitted a proposed breakdown of settlement of all individuals and the Estate to a Mediator for guidance. Case was settled without the need for time consuming and costly litigation
Settlement for Atlantic City Casino Dealer who’s car sustained minimal property damage. Our client was a driver of a car that was rear ended. There was minimal prope damage to plaintiff’s car but he had previously sustained a back injury which was worsened by this accident. Medical tests revealed he sustained a herniated lumbar disc. The defendant insurance company alleged the injury was not due to this accident since there was little property damage and they claimed he did not pierce the full tort Verbal Threshold. The case was further complicated due to the plaintiff being involved in a subsequent accident that was his fault. Suit was started in Atlantic County, New Jersey and extensive litigation proceeded to the trial stage, where the case settled for $ 450,000
Our client had a 10% off coupon that she was going to a grocery chain store to use to buy some needed items. The store had problems processing the coupon and had to walk her over to the customer service desk to resolve the issue. While she was walking over to the desk she slipped on a substance that neither she nor the store manager noticed, and fell. She injured her ankle, which required surgery. She also injured her back. We were able to prove that the store should have been aware of this puddle on the floor and should have taken action to prevent the public from being injured on the dangerous condition they let sit on their floor. This case was settled without the need for a lengthy and costly trial.
On a wet and snowy day, a grandmother’s trip to the supermarket for holiday cookie ingredients turned tragic. As our client entered the store, she slipped on water that had accumulated on the tile floor. She fell to the ground, fracturing hip and requiring a hip replacement surgery. The supermarket turned down our client’s claim because a mat was placed at the entrance. We filed a lawsuit to uncover all the information surrounding the fall. Upon investigation, we learned that the mat had been haphazardly placed at the entrance site. Photographs and video surveillance revealed a gap between the entrance threshold and the mat. We successfully argued that the gap allowed slippage on the tile floor. We were able to secure a recovery for our client in the amount of $ 450,000.00 Our firm’s commitment to our client and refusal to take no for an answer is why this grandmother and her extended family continue to return to us for help. We take great pride in proving to each of our clients why we are voted One of the Best Law Firms in South Jersey
Our client, a Camden resident, was a diabetic, and was using a transport company to take her to her treatments. One day, the transport company placed her in a wheelchair and into the transport van. The company’s representative failed to secure the wheelchair and failed to secure our client in the chair and on the lift to get into the transport van. Because of this, our client fell out of the chair from a height onto the ground. She sustained significant injuries to her leg which required surgery. We were able to prove that the transport company was negligent and we were able to settle her case before going to trial.
On a normal day, our client was a passenger in her friend’s car. Their car was slammed into by another car and our client was badly injured. She had to undergo shoulder and back surgery. We were able to prove that the other party was at fault for the Accident and the injuries. We reached a settlement prior to trial.
Our client was injured in a car Accident that was not her fault. She suffered injuries to her neck and back, and suffered depression and migraines from the impact. We were able to prove that the car that hit her was at fault, and we were able to reach a settlement before Ocean County going to trial.
On a cold winter night, our client was returning to her apartment unit after visiting friends in the same complex. As she stepped down off their landing, she slipped on ice that was covered beneath fresh snow and landed on her elbow. She heard and felt her bone crack. She require two operations to her elbow that disabled her from a data entry job. Her elbow eventually healed but with decreased range of motion. Management at the apartment complex refused to pay our client’s medical bills. When we sued, it was discovered that the building owner was nowhere to be found and was indicted for fraud and other criminal charges. When the case settled for $450,000.00 our client felt vindicated. The recovery not only paid for her medical bills and time out of work, but also gave our client economic freedom.
Settlement in a Bucket Truck accident where our South American client was injured when he was extended in an outstretched bucket truck which struck a wire causing him to fall and be severely injured. Immediate extensive firm investigation tied down the facts concerning the accident and his employment which was disputed, with allegations that he was an independent contractor and an illegal alien. Workman’s Compensation benefits were obtained and litigation revealed that the driver of the truck was at fault which resulted in a settlement of $ 442,000 and compromise of outstanding medical and workers compensation liens.
$ 435,000 Burlington County Court House settlement for a 45 year old medical professional who was stopped in his car getting gas when the vehicle behind him struck him in the rear. There was minimal property damage and our client sustained disc injuries to his neck and shoulder problems because he was twisted in his seat at the time of impact. Defendants hotly contested that the injuries were caused by the minimal impact and retained biomechanical experts to disprove our client’s claims. After extensive litigation, the defendants settled the case for $ 435,000 at the court house before trial was to begin.
$ 425,000 Camden County settlement for our 55 year old house wife who was stopped in the line of traffic when she was struck from behind. Our client had a long history of prior back problems and had been involved in a serious prior accident. She treated conservatively but her neck problems increased and she underwent 2 surgical procedures. The case settled on the Camden County Court House steps shortly before the trial was to begin.
$ 425,000 Camden County Settlement for our 45 year old housewife client who was stopped in the line of traffic when she was struck in the rear. Our client sustained immediate pain in her neck and back area and was subsequently diagnosed with herniated disc injuries to both areas. She was treated conservatively with Chiropractic care and the case settled on the eve of trial at the Camden County Court House for $425,000
Our client was the driver of a car in Philadelphia County, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was rear-ended, and suffered neck injuries. She was having a very difficult time staying at her job and working because of the pain and limitations. We made a claim for lost wages, and pain and suffering. We were able to prove her loss of income due to the car Accident, and reached a settlement before trial.
Four women on their way home from a family weekend at the NJ shore, were in a minivan when struck head on by a pickup truck. Three were taken to trauma center. One woman pronounced dead at the scene. Defendant operator told police that he had a problem with the steering on his new pickup. We quickly arranged to have the defendant’s pickup truck secured and had it inspected by a expert engineer. The black box was removed but the data was lost due to the heavy damage to the vehicle. Defendant insurance carrier offered their 1 million dollar policy limit to settle all cases. A asset check on the defendant driver, showed that he had no appreciable assets and limited income. We utilized and accessed UIM limits of host vehicle and the insurance policy of the deceased. Finally we submitted a proposed breakdown of settlement of all individuals and the Estate to a Mediator for guidance. Case was settled without the need for time consuming and costly litigation.
A 30 year old salesman was injured in a highly contested liability setting involving a parking lot accident that left his vehicle with minimal property damage. He sustained injuries to his neck and back and required a fusion to his lumbar area. Although the defendant’s medical experts alleged the injuries were not caused by this accident due to the minimal impact, proofs were developed to show that the plaintiff, a former college basketball player, sustained severe low back injuries which required a significant fusion surgery, and left him unable to play his lifelong favorite sport of basketball. Although his sales expense receipts showed a significant amount of work related night life after the accidents, additional proofs and experts would have testified that he maintained his sales position due to the same drive and determination that allowed him to receive a college basketball scholarship, in spite of his significant permanent pain and suffering. The case settled for $400,000 at the time of trial.
Our client was traveling in Gloucester County when he was rear ended. He injured his back, and had to undergo back surgery. The insurance company cut off his medical care, and we had to fight to get him the surgery he needed to get better. We went to Arbitration under the terms of his auto insurance policy and the Arbitrators awarded him $400,000.00 for pain and suffering.

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