Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

The largest single cause of injury to nursing home residents is injury due to a preventable fall.  A typical 100 bed nursing home reports at least 100 to 200 falls per year.  Keep in mind these are only the reported falls.  Another danger facing nursing home residents is the development of preventable bed sores. A bed sore or pressure ulcer usually develops over a bony prominence and can range from a small bruise to a gaping hole in the skin which goes all the way down to the bone.  The sores can rapidly develop and can cause serious health issues including life-threatening infection.  In an effort to protect nursing home residents, the State of New Jersey implemented a law that requires nursing homes to render care so that it’s residents can avoid developing a bed sore and if a bed sore develops, that it is properly treated so that the bed sore is resolved.

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