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Need a Lyft? Know Their Insurance Policy First

Recently, we covered the basics on what passengers should know about insurance policies before getting into a car with an Uber driver (as well as what motorists should know if they’re in an accident with a driver who works for Uber). Today, we’ll focus on Lyft, another popular ridesharing service that operates via app. Lyft’s insurance policies operate similarly to Uber’s, but there are subtle differences.

How Does Lyft Insurance Work?

Lyft offers different levels of protection to drivers depending on where they are in the stages of picking up passengers. When a Lyft worker is not in driver mode in the app, they are covered by their personal insurance (a prerequisite for driving with the company). Once a driver is in driver mode – that is, actively looking for passengers – Lyft covers them under their Contingent Liability policy, which is in place to cover the gap between the driver’s personal insurance and their Lyft insurance.

Once a passenger is in the vehicle, the driver is covered by Lyft’s primary liability insurance with $1,000,000 per accident limit (in excess of the driver’s insurance). There is a $50,000 maximum limit per person, $100,000 maximum limit per accident and a $25,000 maximum limit for property damage.

What Does This Mean After an Accident?

If you are in an accident with a Lyft driver – whether as a fellow motorist or as a passenger – you will need the help of a car accident lawyer to determine fault and therefore which insurance company is responsible for covering the damages. Before you call, however, take care of things at the scene. Do not speak with the Lyft driver or otherwise share information with anyone but the police. Do, however, gather statements and contact information from as many eyewitnesses at the scene as possible. An attorney will help you build your case as to what type of damage was incurred as well as the extent to which they can be covered by the driver and Lyft.

On the other hand, if you are driving for Lyft at the time of an accident, the coverage that applies to your accident depends on at what stage in the passenger pick-up process you were during the accident. If you were carrying a passenger or on your way to pick one up, the damages are covered by Lyft’s $1 million policy. If you were between rides, your personal insurance is responsible. Finally, if another driver is at fault, it’s their insurance that must cover the damages. Again, only a lawyer with car and accident truck experience can help you navigate NJ and PA insurance laws and build a case that wins you a just settlement.

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