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Is Your Injury Eligible for a Legal Settlement?

At the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C., we’ve been seeking justice for injured clients for decades. We sometimes hear clients wonder whether their injury is actually eligible for legal action. No matter how minor you think your injury is, every trauma can have wide-reaching effects that severely disrupt your quality of life and can entitle you to compensation.

Fractures: Broken bones can cause serious complications. Severe fractures may break the skin and/or require surgery, and sometimes need the permanent installation of metal “pins” or rods. In virtually all cases, the broken bone will have to be immobilized with a cast. This can affect your ability to work and your overall quality of life.

Spinal Injury: Spinal injuries can be devastating. The spinal cord is the central column from which your nerves radiate. An accident that damages or severs your spinal cord can cause life-changing conditions such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. Damage to the vertebrae that surround your spinal cord can also cause chronic pain and mobility issues. These types of injuries cause serious depreciation in your quality of life and can have deep psychological effects.

Internal injuries: Internal injuries are those in which the skin isn’t punctured, but the soft tissue and organs inside the body are still damaged. Internal injuries are particularly dangerous because without an external injury, you might assume that the dull pain your experience is mere bruising and not, in fact, a symptom of more severe injuries.

The risk of internal injury is the reason that you should visit a medical professional regardless of whether you think you are seriously injured after an accident.

Head Injuries: While you may have visible head wounds from an accident, most head injuries are internal, with all the accompanying dangers. If you’ve been in an accident and suspect any risk of head injury–including a blow to the head, no matter how seemingly slight, or sudden movements of the neck, such as whiplash–see a doctor immediately. These types of injuries can cause serious cognitive deficits or even death.

Tendon, Muscular and Orthopedic Injuries: These types of injuries can be visible or invisible, but either way, they lead to intense pain and complications with mobility that hinder your ability to work and require intensive treatment. Carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve injuries and shoulder injuries are the most common forms, require treatments like nerve surgeries, surgeries on the shoulder, knee, hand or arm, and surgical arthroscopy.

Psychological Trauma: While not injuries per se, in that they do not involve torn skin or broken bones, psychological damage after an accident is a very real possibility, and can have various causes.

Accidents that cause serious physical injury can result in the victim suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which manifests as serious psychological symptoms such as depression, panic attacks, flashbacks, insomnia or other symptoms. Victims of an accident may develop psychological symptoms indirectly related to their trauma, too. The inability to work, for example, may result in depression.

Have You Been Injured?

Any of the above injuries–as well as the countless others that we didn’t cover today–cause pain, suffering, loss of wages, expensive medical treatment and, in some cases, permanent changes in your quality of life. If you’ve been injured in an accident, call the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. (The law can differ as to what is needed to prove an injury, so it is urgent that you contact us as soon as possible.) You may be entitled to a settlement for the ordeal you’ve endured, and our team of lawyers will fight for the highest compensation possible, all while treating you like a member of our extended family.

If you are hurt and need help, contact us immediately so we can go to work for you.  We help injured people get compensation and medical treatment so they can get back to health and their daily activities without having to deal with the insurance companies.