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How to Protect Yourself and Your Party Guests This Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, our Camden County auto accident attorneys share a lot in common with the clients we serve. We look forward to twinkling lights, beloved old music, classic movies, exciting gifts, and spending time with our families. 

However, what is traditionally billed as “the most wonderful time of the year” comes with a bit of a dark side that jolly holiday tunes don’t talk about. Simply put, the period between the end of November and the start of January is incredibly stressful for a lot of people. We’ve illustrated just some of the reasons why in this quick slideshow video.

Unfortunately, holiday stress sometimes leads to harmful behavior, especially as it pertains to distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. People are already more apt to imbibe during the holidays, and when you add additional emotional triggers, the risk of drunk driving accidents and fatalities increases significantly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. In fact, during that time period in 2017, a reported 1,143 people were killed on the roads.

As a party host, you can be held liable for car accidents caused by drivers who drank too much at your event. However, you can also do your part to increase safety and reduce the risk for everyone involved.

Take the following precautions when hosting a holiday gathering, and you can protect yourself and your guests from dangerous driving incidents. 

  • Be the Example. Watch your own intake of alcohol at the party, not only to set a responsible tone for the attendees but also to keep your senses sharp. 
  • Hire Professionals. If you’re going to have an open bar at your event, don’t leave just anyone in charge of pouring the drinks. A trained bartender will know the proper recipes for cocktails and how not to over-serve guests.
  • Remain Vigilant. Keep an eye on your guests to make sure they’re drinking responsibly, and don’t hesitate to help them arrange for a ride if they appear too intoxicated to drive. It’s helpful to identify someone ahead of time who can help you with this duty, so you’ll have strength in numbers if a guest doesn’t want to give up their car keys at the end of the night.
  • Serve Food. Keeping guests’ stomachs full with delicious snacks and hors d’oeuvres will help to cut down on excessive drinking.
  • Say No to Peer Pressure. Never goad your guests into drinking, and put a stop to it if you see any guests pressuring each other to overindulge.

With the right preparation and a little bit of mindfulness, it’s possible to throw a holiday party where jolly revelers behave as responsible citizens — and to reduce holiday stress levels in your own home and out on the roads. For more information or to speak to an auto accident lawyer in Gloucester County and the surrounding areas, contact The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. today.