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How Do I Pay for a Lawyer if I Get in an Accident?

Oh great. Another fee. You’re probably groaning to yourself about how fees are everywhere and taking over your life, and you don’t know what to do about it. And we completely agree, fees are something to groan about.

But contingency fees are slightly different (and definitely better) than most other types of fees. They mean that that there is no fee for you to pay unless we at the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. win the case for you. We are a law firm that provides legal representation through our personal injury lawyers in South Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas. We also have Camden County workers compensation attorneys to help represent those who have been injured on the job.

What are Contingency Fees?

To initiate representation for each case, we create a fee agreement that outlines the structure of the fees and costs that will be signed by you and us. Since the fee is contingent (dependent upon) monetary recovery, you do not need to pay us unless we win the case. If we do end up making a financial recovery, you’ll pay us a certain percentage of the total amount of the recovery out of the settlement in its tracks. You can learn more about contingency fees and the services that we provide at the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C., at the end of the case.

What Do I Have to Pay?

The fees will be different depending on the case and the state. For workers’ compensation cases, the client will usually pay between 8%-20% in New Jersey and 20% in Pennsylvania. But you will never pay more than 20% in NJ and PA for workers’ compensation cases. For injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, or wrongful death, the fees vary depending on a variety of factors. For many cases, the fee will be 33.3%, but fees can range from 25% to 50% for the more difficult and complex cases in Pennsylvania. Fees are normally 25% for minors in NJ and varying in PA, but they can both change when the trial starts. Most of the time the Court will have to approve all fees and settlements for minors.

We hope that learning about contingency fees stopped your groan and gave you something to feel reassured about. Learn more at ciecka.com or contact us at 856-283-0589.

If you are hurt and need help, contact us immediately so we can go to work for you.  We help injured people get compensation and medical treatment so they can get back to health and their daily activities without having to deal with the insurance companies.