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Hosting a Party This Holiday Season? Know Your Legal Liability.

With the holiday season here, that means it’s the time of year when many of us plan on attending or hosting holiday parties with friends, family, or co-workers. These types of parties are meant to be a jubilant time of celebration, and in many instances alcohol is served to those in attendance. However, an unfortunate reality of these celebrations is that they can lead to an increased number of people on the roads driving intoxicated. As an auto accident lawyer representing clients in New Jersey, we understand how important it is for guests and hosts alike to keep in mind that their actions can result in legal liability. Here are a couple tips for social hosts and guests to ensure everyone’s safety at the upcoming holiday party.

Choose A Suitable Location
It’s a wise decision for an employer to host a holiday party at a licensed establishment, such as a bar or restaurant. This way, the employer has less of a duty to monitor guests, and the establishment is in control of safely serving party-goers their drinks. Another added benefit of having your party at a bar or restaurant is that it’s easier to obtain safe rides home from ride services or taxis ensuring everybody stays safe.


Hire a Qualified Bartender
If you decide to have your holiday party somewhere other than a commercial establishment, it is smart to tend your bar with someone who is qualified to properly serve guests drinks. There’s no denying that things could get a little out of hand if guests are able to help themselves to a counter full of alcohol.

Offer Food Throughout the Evening
There are two added benefits of serving food throughout the evening. One, it will help to reduce the effects of alcohol and two, it typically helps reduce the amount of alcohol that is consumed. Regardless of whether you have a full buffet, or supply light appetizers throughout the evening, it’s always advisable to serve food during a holiday party to help keep those in attendance safe.

Plan Out A Safe Ride Home
There is no excuse for guests to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol at a holiday party. With rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft, attaining a safe ride home is as simple as a couple taps on your smartphone. For those who wish to keep it old school, make sure the phone numbers to local taxi companies are clearly posted at the event venue. It’s important for social hosts and drinking establishments to keep in mind that they can be held liable if a person gets too intoxicated and hurts themselves or others.

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