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High Speeds and High Stakes: What to Do After a Motorcycle Injury

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, you know that feeling of unfettered, wind-whipped freedom unique to a ride on a country road or highway. Riding a motorcycle allows you the freedom of high speed and maneuverability, the kind you can’t get in an automobile.

But what makes motorcycles so appealing is precisely what makes them so dangerous for riders. Motorcyclists are fully exposed to any hazards that come their way, and less visible than an ordinary car, making them much more prone to accidents and injury. That risk is, surely, part of the thrill of riding one, and smart riders take precautions to prevent injury. But sometimes the worst happens, and when it happens on a motorcycle, it can be devastating.

Risks for Riders

Motorcycle accidents are often much more serious than car accidents and have a higher fatality rate. The injuries that result can include grievous harm like spinal and brain injuries, lost limbs, and chronic pain. It may take months or years to recover, and the rider may suffer permanent life changes such as recurring trips to a medical practitioner, multiple surgeries, and pain medications, not to mention a potential loss of livelihood and severe emotional trauma.

Healing the Damage

Suffering a motorcycle accident may be a devastating blow, but working with an attorney to win a settlement for your accident can soften it. Nothing can turn back time, but an experienced accident attorney can help you win back compensation for your injuries, loss of wages, medical expenses, and emotional suffering. According to the Hurt Report, an oft-cited study on motorcycle accidents, 75% of such accidents involve another vehicle. Two-thirds of the time, the driver of the other vehicle is at fault for violating the motorcyclist’s right of way. Other parties may also be at fault in your injury, including manufacturers who create faulty machines, dealers who sell them, and local governments that fail to provide safe road conditions.

Compiling a Case

If you or a loved one are involved in a motorcycle accident, gather as much information at the scene as possible. The more information you have, the stronger the case that your auto accident attorney in Camden County can build for your settlement. Whenever possible, take photos at the scene, speak with witnesses (and get their contact information), and accurately tell the police what happened Make sure you gather a police report. Many times, liability can be an issue in these cases, so your must make sure that the police report is accurate. If you get the police report and it is incorrect, you should go to the police station to amend the report to add their version of the accident. You should also make sure to tell all emergency personnel and EMTs accurately what happened in the accident.

Report all of the information immediately to your insurance company and doctor, and request documentation in turn that you can give to your attorney. It is important that you act immediately due to the possibility of your state’s statute of limitations, as well. Your team of accident lawyers in South Jersey will fight to win back what you’ve lost, and gain back as much freedom as you can.

If you are hurt and need help, contact us immediately so we can go to work for you.  We help injured people get compensation and medical treatment so they can get back to health and their daily activities without having to deal with the insurance companies.