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Here’s What Your Insurance Companies Aren’t Telling You

Your insurance company, along with your employer’s companies and, if someone injures you, their insurance companies, are sure making a lot of money, whether their policyholders are healthy or not. Every year, they collect monthly fees and premiums, even if their policy isn’t used at all. You sign up for a policy, and they sit there and wait for you to use it, right? Wrong. Here are some things your insurance company isn’t telling you, from the experts at the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka.

Insurance Companies are a Business. Whether they’ll admit it or not, the founders of an insurance company got in it to create a profitable business. Their profits come from money they get from their policyholders that they don’t have to pay out in claims settlements and lawsuits. Because of this, they’re going to do what they have to maximize their profits. Trust us, giving you an exemplary settlement isn’t in the cards for maximizing their revenue.

Their Claims Adjusters, Managers and Specialists Don’t Work for You. You might have known them for months, years, even decades for some of us. However, don’t fool yourself. These adjusters, managers and specialists work for their companies first, the government second and you last. Don’t fall into a false sense of security, believing that they are your friends. They might talk friendly and be amiable enough to you, but they are employees of the insurance company, and they will fight for that company’s status quo.

You Getting Your Best Interests Stands in Their Way. Your best interests usually involve having your expenses paid for while you recover, or if there’s no chance of recovery, having your expenses paid for, period. As we said earlier, these are businesses filled with employees who have been cultured to look out for their own best interests, not yours. Understand that your claim is standing in the way of that company’s best interests and you should fight for your own, and get great legal representation that will do so as well.

Denied_LEAD_InsuranceClaimFormOnDeskDeniedStamp_WEBIt’s Easy for Them to Defer Your Claim. Through vague scores of questions, medical examiners on their payroll and experts they basically own that will come testify in their defense, it’s easy for these companies, which are sometimes valued in the billions, to defer your claim. The only real way to keep them from doing this is to either become an expert in insurance law, or hire a great attorney, which you should. Believe us, some unrepresented claims can go completely ignored by insurance companies.

They can, and will, over-power you. These companies are powerful, owned by executives and managed by lawyers, doctors and other people with no shortage of education. If you try to handle these problems yourself, they’ll overpower you. You want a legal professional on your side.

Don’t Feel Bad, They’ve Got Lawyers Too. Don’t feel guilty for suing them. Sometimes you have to sue your insurance company along with whoever injured you, and they know this. They’ve got teams of lawyers working with them every day, in their ear telling them the best course of action for the best possible outcomes.

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