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Eat, Drink Responsibly, and Be Merry

a festive holiday party table with sparklers and alcoholic drinks

As thoughts of exciting winter parties and beloved holiday celebrations enter our minds, there’s something else we must also think about. Individuals driving under the influence of alcohol significantly increase during this time of year — and you should take steps to ensure you’re not among them. In preparation for the holiday season, here are some tips for drinking more responsibly and staying safe while out on the winter roads.

Know Your Limits

Different people have varying drinking limits, meaning that some individuals can handle more drinks than others. As a result, it’s important to stay within your established limit so that you don’t succumb to alcohol poisoning or experience other health problems. Drinking in moderation is essential, but there are some circumstances that may challenge your restraint. A beer pong or drinking game can easily push your limit the longer it goes on, so it’s best to avoid them. If you’re thirsty during a holiday party, consider opting for water or a non-alcoholic drink. Also, make sure to eat food — whether during the party or beforehand — as doing so will slow alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.

Understand Alcohol

A standard drink is considered any drink with 14 grams of pure alcohol — this means that a 12 oz can of beer can have the same or similar alcohol level as a 1.5 oz shot of distilled spirits. In other words, you might be drinking more alcohol than you realize. In addition, some mixed drinks are made of two or more standard drinks, containing even more alcohol. Knowing the alcohol content of the beverages you drink is crucial for not going over your limit at a holiday party.

Plan Your Ride Home

If you do intend on drinking at a holiday party, you shouldn’t be driving home — even a small amount of alcohol consumption can impair your driving abilities in some capacity. Instead, schedule a taxi service using Uber or Lift to drive you home safely once the party has ended. You can also ask a non-drinking friend to be your designated driver. Alternatively, you can be the designated driver for a friend or family member if you haven’t drunk any alcohol. It’s a good idea, in general, to stay close to your friends and keep an eye on them to ensure they also make it back home safely.

Stay Safe on the Road

Even if you’ve never had a sip of alcohol at a party, your safety on the road is doenot guaranteed. Other individuals may not have a designated driver and have instead chosen to break the law by driving under the influence — putting your and others’ lives at risk. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to exercise caution when driving home after a holiday party. 

Plan out your route in advance, so you know where to go, and use a navigation app to see which areas have the heaviest traffic. While out on the road, give extra space to other drivers in case you need to slow down and come to a stop. Additionally, don’t engage in distracted or aggressive driving, as it can increase the chances of an accident. Above all else, always buckle up — it’s been proven time and time again how effective seatbelts are at reducing injuries and saving lives.

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