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The Law offices of Vince J. Ciecka have a unique program to help raise awareness for texting while driving, and the repercussions of those actions.

Community Activities *the firm supports and serves as a sponsor for local businesses, police, fire, ems, local schools, community and charity events.

PMAC– Pennsauken-Merchantville 


The Law Firm is a proud member of the main Pennsauken and Merchantville business and trade group, PMAC.  We attend and speak at monthly meetings.  It is important to us for us use local businesses when we have a need, from anything to using our local Sir Speedy for trial exhibits and mailings, eating at local restaurants like Macarros and Montegrillos, or using KaplanGraphix for our placement advertisement at the local diner PennQueen and local bar ConnieMacs.

It is important also for the local community to get to know us and understand what we do and how we can help them if they need us.

PMAC is a driving force behind many local projects, all of which we support. https://www.facebook.com/PMACorg

We always have a booth at the Pennsauken Car Show, Pennsauken Harvest Festival, Merchantville Birthday Celebration and Music Fest, and we hand out free coffee and donuts in front of the office for the Christmas and Halloween Parades.  We are featured on the back page of the PMAC Directory

Make 2024 the year we say no more to distracted driving

do not text and drive 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

PMAC- Nuts and Bolts of Workers Compensation for Employers

Mr. Michael Dennin presented to local businesses and employers the basics of workers compensation injury law.  View the presentation on the worker’s compensation page. Mr. Dennin discussed how employers can better prepare for and prevent work accidents.  Mr. Dennin was joined in the presentation with Dr. Lucian Introcaso, a doctor whose office is WorkNet.  WorkNet is a workers’ compensation injury clinic.  Dr. Introcaso discussed medical treatment protocols under NJ workers compensation.  The Law Offices provides many free presentations to local community groups, Unions, Fraternal Orders of Police, Police Benevolent Bureaus, insurance companies, schools, business groups, and networking groups.  If you or your company are interested in a free presentation please contact us at 856-665-5709 or by email to mdennin@ciecka.com.

 Workers compensation Pennsauken presentation can be viewed at the bottom of the workers compensation page.


Camden County Bar Foundation Young Lawyer’s Division Lobster Bake –

The Ciecka Firm is once again sponsoring the Camden County Bar Foundation Young Lawyer’s Division Lobster Bake. This year the firm is the presenting sponsor for the event. The Lobster Bake has raised over $75,000 for disabled children and adults at the LARC School in Bellmawr, NJ. www.larcschool.org The Ciecka Firm continually helps sponsor local schools, first responders and police, low income and disadvantaged people in the surrounding areas, and other groups. The firm prides itself on helping others and takes that same pride in representing their own clients.

PBA/FOP- Local Law Enforcement, Emergency Personnel– proudly support our local law enforcement with presentations and Golf outings and various other events.

The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka supports local law enforcement, first responders, and emergency personnel.  The firm consistently supports the PBA add local, which is compromised of Haddon Township, Oaklyn, and Collingswood Police Departments. https://www.facebook.com/events/655653171206123/  The firm strongly supports their own town’s police force, FOP Lodge 3, which is the Pennsauken Police Department and Merchantville Police Department.

The law firm sponsors both organizations charity golf outings.  Here are some photos from the events.  Our firm has represented many police officers, emergency personnel and firefighters over the years.  These heroes put their lives on the line every day for us and to keep us safe.  If they get hurt on the job, or get hurt outside of the job, we are there for them in their time of need.  We pride ourselves in being able to make a difference and give back to our clients and the community.

Cherry Hill Barclay

In our close proximity to centrally located Cherry Hill, our office supports local neighborhood associations.  This year we have shown our support by taking a page out of the Barclay Neighborhood Registry.  Take a look at our placement below.  As lawyers in Cherry Hill, we work to give back in all of the ways we can.  http://www.barclayarea.com/CommunityLinks.html


Ike Willis Foundation

The firm is committed to the youths in our community.  We are long time supporters to the Ike Willis Scholarship Memorial Fund.  Each year, we support and play in the scholarship golf outing, which has raised over $200,00.00 for scholarships to Pennsauken High School students.  http://ikewillisgolfouting.com/home.asp We have also traditionally hired Pennsauken students as interns and employees at our firm.  Pennsauken High School has hosted us yearly to present our Don’t Text and Drive seminar to their junior and senior classes regarding the dangers and implications of distracted driving.

The firm also sponsors and supports Widener and Temple Universities, Camden Catholic and Pennsauken High Schools, and various other local events.


NJAJ Events and Seminars

The law firm is very active in the local Camden County Bar Association (CCBA) http://www.camdencountybar.org/, the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ  https://www.nj-justice.org/NJ/  ), which is the statewide trial lawyers organization.  Michael J. Dennin is the Treasurer of the Bar Association, and has previously been the Young Lawyers Division Chairperson, a board member, and the Secretary of the Association.  Mr. Dennin is the co-chair of NJAJ’s workers’ compensation committee.  Mr. Dennin regularly also presents at the statewide Meadowlands three day seminar and Boardwalk three day seminars each year.  Mr. Dennin recently presented and provided a comparison between the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Systems. Vince Ciecka has been on the Board of Governors for years, and all of the attorneys at the firm are regular members who routinely attend hours of lecture and seminars.  The law firm prides itself on being ahead of the curve and up on all legal issues and trial strategies that can affect our clients.  We strive to use technology, modern legal and argument methods, and highly qualified experts so we are armed when we enter the courtroom.

Camden County Bar Association

The firm is very active in the CCBA.  They support local seminars, networking events, and many charitable causes.  The firm is a Gold and Claw sponsor for the yearly Lobster Bake to Support LARC School in Bellmawr, NJ.  Mr. Dennin is co-chair of the committee for this event, and the Young Lawyers Division has raised over $50,000.00 for LARC over the past 6 years. See one of the annual events here!  LARC School is a specialty school for severely to moderately disabled children and adults.  http://www.larcschool.com/

Our Michael J. Dennin is the Treasurer of the Camden County Bar Association, and past Secretary and Board Member Trustee. http://www.camdencountybar.org/organization.php  The Bar Association and the Bar Foundation strongly support our local community.  From hosting children’s picnics, holiday parties, coat and food drives, scholarships, free legal advice, mentorships, the Association and Foundation are pillars and role models for the people in Camden County.  They strive to help underprivileged children and adults get benefits and legal services while at the same time giving back through charitable events.  http://www.camdencountybar.org/about.php

Our Camden County Bar Asociations is the second largest in New Jersey, and the attorneys at the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka have all adopted the Code of Professionalism. http://www.camdencountybar.org/code_of_prof.php

  1. I will provide my client with objective advice and will endeavor to represent my client’s lawful interests as expeditiously and economically as possible.
  2. I will advise my client against pursuing a course of action that is without merit and against tactics which are intended to delay resolution of a matter, or to harass or drain the financial resources of the opposing party.
  3. I will counsel my client that a willingness to initiate or engage in settlement discussions is consistent with zealous and effective representation, and that civility and courtesy during the course of client representation are not a display of weakness, but are virtues upon which our system of justice was founded.
  4. I will treat opposing counsel, other lawyers and their staffs, parties, witnesses, the courts and members of the court staff with civility and courtesy. Professional courtesy is a necessity entirely compatible with vigorous advocacy and zealous representation.
  5. I will never knowingly misstate facts or law, and will consistently act in such a manner that other lawyers and judges can trust in and rely upon my oral or written word.
  6. I will agree to reasonable extensions of time or for waiver of procedural formalities when the legitimate interest of my client is not adversely affected.
  7. I will endeavor to consult with opposing counsel prior to scheduling depositions, meetings, or rescheduling hearings, and I will cooperate with opposing counsel when scheduling changes are requested. I will be punctual in honoring scheduled appearances and in providing the earliest possible notice of cancellation of appointments, depositions, or hearings to all concerned parties.
  8. In the conduct of litigation or negotiation, I will conduct myself with fairness and dignity, refraining from any course of conduct meant to harass the opposing party. I will not engage in excessive or abusive discovery, and will refrain from advancing groundless objections or committing other acts of rudeness or disrespect.
  9. I will be considerate in my communications with others, promptly returning telephone calls and responding to correspondence from clients and other lawyers in a timely manner.
  10. While I will be a vigorous advocate on behalf of my client, I always will be mindful that I am an officer of the court, and of the obligation to conduct myself with respect for the court and for my adversaries.
  11. In civil proceedings, I will voluntarily withdraw claims or defenses if it becomes apparent that they lack merit, and I will stipulate to non-essential facts as to which there is no genuine dispute. I will cooperate with other lawyers towards the goal of having matters resolved in a prompt and fair fashion.
  12. I will not quarrel needlessly over matters of form or style, but will concentrate on matters of substance and content.
  13. I will strive to remain current in the areas in which I practice. I will familiarize myself with the Rules of Professional Conduct and adhere to these rules in the everyday practice of my profession.
  14. I will be mindful of my obligation to enhance the image of the legal profession in all of my professional actions. I will be so guided in my comments about the judiciary, opposing counsel or the members of any other profession, and in the methods and contents of any advertising I may pursue.
  15. I recognize that the law is a learned profession. Among its desirable goals are devotion to public service, improvement of the administration of justice, and the contribution of uncompensated time towards the administration of justice on behalf of those persons unable to afford legal assistance.

As a condition of membership in the Camden County Bar Association, I agree to abide by and conduct the practice of law in a manner consistent with this Code.

Law Office of VJC celebrates and thanks all Veterans for their Sacrifice and Service with the Pennsauken Veterans Alumni during ceremony held at PHS Veteran’s Memorial partially funded by the firm.