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Eat, Drink Responsibly, and Be Merry

a festive holiday party table with sparklers and alcoholic drinks

As thoughts of exciting winter parties and beloved holiday celebrations enter our minds, there’s something else we must also think about. Individuals driving under the influence of alcohol significantly increase during this time of year — and you should take steps to ensure you’re not among them. In preparation for the holiday season, here are […]

Traffic Fatalities Are on the Rise

the front of a crashed car

Countless individuals have had their lives changed forever following a car accident. And yet, speeding, impaired driving, and other hazardous behavior are still being done behind the wheel at the expense of others’ safety. To learn more about this epidemic sweeping across the country’s roadways, let’s review the rising traffic fatalities and what’s being done […]

Safety Tips for Driving on Labor Day Weekend 2021

As summer comes to a close, millions of Americans are soaking up the final rays of sun while they still can. This includes making the most of the Labor Day holiday weekend, which marks the unofficial end of summer. If you’re planning on driving this holiday, it’s crucial to take the proper precautions to avoid […]

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers This Summer

teen driver gets into an automobile accident

As your auto accident lawyer in Philadelphia can attest, teens are often involved in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, among teenagers, car wrecks are the leading cause of accidental death, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).