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Can I Get a Witness? (An Expert One, That Is)

Once you and your personal injury lawyer in South Jersey have decided to go through with a lawsuit, it’s time to build your case. You might assume that the facts will speak for themselves to a jury, but legal proceedings require a more complex form of persuasion. You need experts on your side who will effectively present your case.

While your lawyer is responsible for organizing the case for your settlement, impartial experts provide the detailed information and trustworthy testimony that will sway jurors in your favor. Below, learn about three types of expert witnesses and why you need them:


Medical testimony is key to proving the extent of pain and suffering caused by your injury. Plaintiffs often mistakenly assume that the testimony of their primary physician is sufficient for a court of law; however, such a strategy usually backfires, since a jury will assume that physician is biased due to their personal connection to you.

An outside, impartial expert, particularly one who has previous experience in providing legal testimony, will be more effective in presenting the evidence and elucidating its meaning for a jury. Medical experts provide thorough insight into how extensively your injury has affected your financial status, your mental health, your physical well-being, and your ability to work, both short and long-term.

Employment and Wage Loss

Speaking of the long term, your team of experts should argue for a settlement that accounts for your future, not just damage you have suffered since your injury. Economic experts will also provide a detailed assessment of how an injury has affected not just your ability to work, but your earning capacity as a whole. With this testimony on hand, a settlement can more accurately compensate you for lost wages, particularly future wages that are affected by your injury.

Accident Reconstruction

Who caused the accident? Whose actions contributed most to your injury? The answers to these questions are the axes upon which your jury swings. An expert accident reconstructionist can create a detailed narrative of the events leading up to your injury, showing jurors exactly who is responsible, and to what degree.

The engineers and analysts known as accident reconstructionists undergo years of training in how to use observations, investigation techniques and software to accurately recreate events. They are much more reliable than bystander witnesses, since eyewitness testimony can be distorted by perceptions and biases. An objective expert is better equipped to present clear and precise rendering of events as they actually happened.

Can You Make a Case Without Expert Witnesses?

The extra expense of hiring an expert witness is a temporary inconvenience compared to the higher chance of reaching a fair settlement that accounts not only for past and present suffering, but future adjustments that need to be made so you can have a comfortable life with your injury. Our accident lawyers in South Jersey can assist you in hiring the right witnesses for your win.

If you are hurt and need help, contact us immediately so we can go to work for you.  We help injured people get compensation and medical treatment so they can get back to health and their daily activities without having to deal with the insurance companies.