How We Raise the Bar at The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka

June 12, 2018

At the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, we believe that providing our clients with the exceptional attorneys and legal services we’re known for is just one component of what it means to truly serve our residents and their families. That’s why we put a priority and focus on being engaged and active members of […]

Get Ready for the NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar

May 9, 2018

All attorneys are required to receive a specific amount of education to continue their career. And at the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, we surpass expectations. Our workers’ compensation attorneys attend events in South Jersey and beyond to help us learn, thrive, and grow as a company. By making these strides to gain as […]

The Hazards of Distracted Driving

May 8, 2018

If your last words were in the most recent text you sent, what would they be? Don’t let your last words be on your phone. Know the facts about distracted driving to prevent accidents and inform others with help from the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka and our team of personal injury attorneys near […]

Don’t Rely on the Luck o’ the Irish: Know the Facts About Drunk Driving

March 13, 2018

The time is almost here for one of America’s favorite holidays. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, and that means a couple of things for our clients in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. On this day, all of your favorite pubs, taverns, and bars will be stocked full of green beer, and […]

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