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Our 8 Promises

There are 8 promises we would like to present to you on Why you should consider us to be your legal representatives. Each reason is readily explained for your evaluation and we hope they meet your approval.

Experience is crucial in the effectiveness and success of the case processing endeavor. Our firm knows how to handle Personal Injury related cases and has a first-rate track record to prove it. The central effort of the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka is obtaining the very significant monetary settlements, awards, and medical attention provided by law, on behalf of the client. Our firm can offer these benefits and tangible results.  We know the exact methods and strategies to protect you and your family from the insurance companies so that you are able to recover from your injuries and get back to your daily activities.

Over 11,000 cases we processed resulted in multi-millions in settlements. You don’t process this many cases and obtain millions in monetary awards and settlements without having the expertise and experience of a sound, effective organization to support you.

Our goal is to assist our clients in their time of need and help them get the best medical and monetary recovery as soon as possible.

Our specialized staff comes from the insurance industry; many are former insurance adjusters themselves. Our lawyers are accomplished negotiators and litigators, thus providing our clients with a constantly zealous outlook on protecting their rights and maximizing their due monetary settlements and awards.  We employ over 20 people who are there to help you in your time of need and serve as a defense between you and the insurance companies.

Our attorneys and the firm have won many awards and received many acknowledgements.  Our attorneys Vincent J. Ciecka, and Michael J. Dennin, have been selected to a list of Superlawyers in Superlawyers Magazine for multiple years by their peers, which is given out to less than 5% of the attorneys in New Jersey.

**No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. To view the methodology process for selection and details, refer to this page HERE on Super Lawyers site.

The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. highly specializes in Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation related cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; thus, giving you the upper hand in maximizing the settlements and awards that your case deserves, while simultaneously protecting your legal rights at every turn of the case handling process. We concentrate all of our resources into just two areas of legal representation, that is, Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation. This provides you with quality representation and eventual significant recovery potential for all your damages and suffering as a result of your particular personal injury situation. We strive to focus our practice on these main areas.  This allows us to put all of our efforts, legal education, and strategies into these areas.

We pride ourselves on the attention and priority we give to all of our cases. We treat your case as if it is our only case, and this is reflected on the quality and amount of the settlements we obtain and the approval and overall satisfaction of our clients. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We are always upfront in our case-handling ways. We know that there is no replacement for a dedicated attitude in handling a case; we have over 45 years of experience to verify this and most of all, we have proven its validity by practicing it.

Since our inception into the Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation specialty fields we have striven to obtain as significant monetary and medical recoveries possible provided by law. Over 11,000 satisfied clients attest to this. Part of our philosophy is to treat the client as a person, not just a number. To accentuate this, every client and case is handled by an experienced, dedicated and highly responsible case handler/supervisor. Each is trained to oversee that all of both your needs and case’s needs are fully taken care of. In a moment’s notice, you can know how the case progresses and the timeline of reaching the case’s progress goals.

Our law firm takes our clients step by step through the legal processes so that the client is not overwhelmed. We do understand how distressing the procedure is when you look at it from a whole, but cutting it down into steps relieves a surplus amount of anxiety. We are available for you when you need us, and we provide our clients their handling attorney’s cell phone number and email so they can get directly in touch with their attorney.  We strive to provide a family type atmosphere to our clients, and nobody is just “a number”.

Furthermore, we have represented and do represent numerous clients who speak Spanish, Vietnamese, and other languages.

There is nothing more confusing and frustrating than dealing with the medical billing aspect from your medical service providers and the insurance companies.  Unfortunately, it is an integral part of your case if you are injured and consequently, are in need of medical attention. We do understand this; therefore as part of our consolidating effort to maximize both your peace of mind and the strength of the case, we will assist in handling the processing of your medical billsWe deal with the insurers and the medical service providers, and we work to get the bills processed and paid. In addition, our firm contends to get you the best medical care possible. We have had many clients with traumatic injuries that changed their lives, and we truly helped them get better. We want our clients to be healthy and happy.

We will work to take the anxiety away, and protect you in each step of your case.  We even continue to assist in many matters after the cases is done and settled.

The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka was started in 1979 by Vincent J. Ciecka.  Since the firm has been a staple of the community for over 45 years, we have represented entire families.  We have represented young clients who are now grandfathers and grandmothers, and many families find comfort in coming back to us if they are hurt again or need legal help.  We have represented the children and grandchildren of our initial clients from back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  We are there for families in their times of need, and our prior clients often recommend to their friends and families that they come to us if they are hurt.  Once a case is settled and finished, we keep our doors open to the prior clients and offer them benefits because of their loyalty to us.

Under our ‘Once a Client, Always a Client’ program, all of our clients benefit from this exceptional continuing relationship service. Legal forms are available for your use at no chargeNeed notarization services, no problem, they are free if you are a client or former clientNeed legal orientation about general matters: Real Estate, Divorce, Criminal, Business, etc.? No problem! Just ask usNeed legal representation in Municipal Court? They are arranged at a reduced fee through our network of affiliated legal professionals. The free services list is quite impressive.  Need us to come to your home to meet with you?  No problem. Need us to take the time to speak with you even if you do not have a case?  No problem. Never again be left without the protection or legal representation when an unexpected legal situation arises.

Please remember, “Once you are our Client, you will Always be Our Client”.

Rest assured that we are there every step of the way, at every corner, at every moment protecting your rights. If any detrimental issues should arise stemming from your case, such as the inability to get medical care or treatment, loss of income, or insurance company “foot dragging” or refusal to pay claims, we’ll be there to make sure they are corrected, and you and your loved ones are not penalized or negatively affected.  We absorb the stress and worry from the clients about their cases, and allow our clients to get the proper medical care so they can get back to health and get on with their lives and daily activities.

When a person gets hurt in an accident or at work, they are worried about losing money, their job, their pension or retirement, their immediate and long term health, their house and car, their belongings, and other items that are of great value and importance to them.  We are there to fight to get you medical care, monetary benefits, and do everything in our power to fight the insurance companies and protect you.  Take a look at what our clients say about the services we provide them.

  1. Your “Case At a Glance” program – Always know how your case is progressing
  2. Legal Forms Library
  3. Share your knowledge Forums
  4. Direct Communication system with assigned case administrator
  5. Free Legal Forms Service

Perhaps one of our best featured services is providing the client with the resources to never lose the ability to know where your case stands; which almost eliminates the need to come to our offices. Also, our case handler/client communication systems provide you with the ability of instantly letting your case handler be aware of your concerns, questions or answers to matters concerning your case. It also provides you with a chronological history of what has been covered or communicated about your caseall at your fingertips.  Just email your case handler and you will get a quick reply, updating you on the status of your case.  What a better way to insure that your case’s important matters are addressed on a timely and protected manner.

Furthermore, you can learn from other clients about the experience of going through a suit and anticipate what could lie ahead. Obtain answers to questions by collaborating with others in a secured environment, with no unauthorized third party eyes prying on your communications.

A fully-featured “Frequently Asked Questions” service is available online to all non-clients and clients! Anyone can ask questions, even those covering other legal issues; not necessarily Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation. Have questions about your car insurance rights? Or perhaps an issue with a work-related injury? Just ask! You’ll be surprised about how many proceeding answers will come your way.

**’Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances’**

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